Pokemon go challenge

I notice people love human suffering so I volunteer to suffer. But first we need a challenge and I have ideas. The goal is to hit level 30 and solo a tier three raid (no sissy ones like tranquil) Here are my ideas and post any ideas to torture my mental status (When I decide on the challenge I will make a new thread posting my daily progress)

  1. No pokeballs, I must toss all items used to catch pokemon but I can catch pokemon from special research and use premier balls

  2. No revives, I can use potions but once a pokemon dies it is gone.

  3. Hardcore, no revives or pokeballs… also no T5 raids until I hit level 25

Finally, I won’t spend any money on the game for this and I can use the referral bonuses but no friends because that makes it way too easy

Wot about one Pokemon per area per day

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I live in a suburbs with one gym and 5 stops… I only have a scooter to go around so I can’t drive to new areas… I like that idea @Smesh_Burger but I think only using rockets research and raids will be spicy… I think I will start hardcore tommorow and make a video about it in a few weeks

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You can try doing GBL Great League with 2 VERY bad Pokemon (And I meant Cofagrigus/Kingler/Shadow Mewtwo levels of bad) and 1 Meta Pokemon

Or you can try using only a Pokemon below 500CP to defeat 2 Rocket Admins

Or even try making 20 excellents in a row, if you break a streak, 1 invested Pokemon in your inventory is gone.

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Ooooh I like danger… I think I will try the gbl one. Thanks @Mr-ex777

I notice people love human suffering so I volunteer.

Sorry, did you start this conversation saying that you volunteer to cause human suffering??

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No I volunteer to be the suffree

My bad on wording that poorly @cordi I fixed it :)

I did challenge accts first one was 1perday where like the name said I literally caught 1 pokemon a day. then I had to go even lower with Catchless who only caught one of each boss in rotation. both accts made 40 in 4-5 monthes
since hitting 40 I hooked thm up to pluses and they now function normally.

Limit of 1 throw per pokemon? Or for raiding bosses only permitted to throw until you miss?

I started my account but have not made the thread I got it to level 8 and I am going to walk (scoot around) a lot during the easter event… My favorite events are the half half distance with the top tier egg pool. I love hatching eggs and it is nice to have a solid egg pool :) so I will start the challenge next week

Excellent curve on a Spoink. Good luck.

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Limit yourself to catching only one type, plus have fighting, steel, dragon, fairy, poison or whatever in your name and try to win 50 out of 100 go battle league Great League matches