Pokemon Go GBL Lag

Continuing the discussion from Weak Connection on Go Battle League:

This has made GBL totally shit for me. I’ve heard this is cheating on your opponents part where they switch on/off their wifi continuously to render our fast moves useless. Because lag should occur on both ends. Anyway could be rumours but I wouldn’t put it past people.
Let’s hope this gets fixed cuz I just reached rank 7.

why open a new thread though?

there’s 2 threads on this already and also it’s definitely actual lag. There’s no way every opponent is using the same cheat I’ve never heard of.

Also for what it’s worth, out of desperate confusion I switched between 2 different wifis and LTE during battles to see if anything was less laggy, it certainly didn’t give me an advantage.
Also also, the lag is so bad that half the time I could never say for sure if my opponent wasn’t also experiencing it as well. I mean even with the lag I was technically able to KO pokemon sometimes

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I feel targeted because my girls account is fine. But my account is laggy only in battle league and on 2 separate phones after I tried the go data reset.