Pokemon Go Messaging

what is your opinion on this? Does anyone else think it would be awesome if we could message our Pokemon Go friends? Or have a chat discussion while waiting for a Raid to start? This opinion would be great in my opinion because instead of nobody showing up to your raid you can message people asking if they want to join instead… or if they’re even on since a lot of the times it does not show you’re on when you are.

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Yep. Definitely even if it was limited to stock phrases like “join x raid in x mins?” Or “battle pvp x league x mins?” And a similar limited reply.

Ask this on any more casual forum (ok facebook) and within 5 minutes the entire Internet will be telling you that this is exactly what the entire child sex offender community has been waiting for, even just the limited phrase version. Children will be abducted in the millions because PoGo would be the first ever online chat facility that children would use, no really…

Seriously I’ve seen it dozens of times (the topic not children being snatched mid-raid by a dodgy looking man dressed as Pikachu) it’s so predictable and no matter how reasoned the arguments in favour, it’s always drowned by people convinced that there’s some underground lobbying organisation run by international child traffickers desperate for PoGo to get a chat feature.

Personally I’m in three different raid chats, local and International and we all get on really well, we learn about different countries and talk about what we all do. I can confirm that not one child has gone missing before, during or after a raid. Many parents actively bring their children with them, arrange big community events and don’t have to have the kids on a length of bungee cord or superglued to their pushchair.

TL:DR Yes, it would be great, but it’ll never happen.


I’m glad I have lucky friends (tens of) thousands of miles away, on the off-chance I ever randomly run into one during a layover at an international airport. Then I could trade with them!