Can you play pokemon go through your windows 10 PC? And if you can, is it legal?
It isn’t an attempt to spoof of anything, my phone is a bit old and I can’t play PvP. Remote raid invitations and gift send also lag a bit for me.

As far as I know it is still possible to do so. It is not “legal”. You would need emulator and spoofing software on your computer and those are against the TOS of Niantic.

For Niantic breathing free air is against the TOS, but, either way, for what I read playing from a PC is highly probable to get you a ban, even if only for pvp.

Either way seems the likely solution is to get the A-64 version of the game for androids, apparently many android users I know are stuck on G-32 so I’m sure the update will fix that lag I experienced

I’m looking at 2nd phones for my alt account as I know sooner or later my 32bit samsung will be unsupported, even though it’s only 2 years old.

I’ve see this, which is by no means the best, most modern version of 64bit androids but, it says its 64bit and needs must when you’ve got bills to pay

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Hi , question is not “is the phone 64 bit” but are you running 64 bit Android OS? I could not tell from the specs you show. Download “CPU Z” app from Play Store to check. The important spec is the “architecture” or kernel which will have a “_64” in the spec

You should be OK as a 64 bit phone ““Should”” be using 64 bit OS but this is not always the case. Also check the version of your POGO version, I believe that 32 bit OS download the 32 bit version while a 64 bit phone downloads the 64 bit version. My son has a 64 bit phone and has version 0.187.1-G-64 while my dilapidated phone is 32 bit and has POGO version 0.187-G-32.

Answer to the original post is “yes” you can run POGO on PC or laptop with an Android emulator such as Bluestacks. It will not be overly functional as your GPS position will be fixed to your home / office (unless you carry the laptop with you AND have a sim card in the laptop. I am going with your comment that you do NOT intend to spoof or use a joystick. Conceptually you could do PVP and other tasks that do not require a GPS.

I can’t say if Bluestacks violates the TOS or not, but many gamers play most modern games on a laptop / PC with Bluestacks so this is a very common practice. The reason is that they get better performance from the PC / laptop CPU and better graphics / surround sound etc,

Oh it’s all right! Took some time but pokemon did launch the A-64 version for us now, few days ago, I didnt update you on it
And it works great! Other issues I do have are from phone but totally manageable