Pokemon Go Praise

I see too many negative things about pokemon go. If the game can get you to get off your couch and get a slightly better useless virtual snake. I think they may have done something right. Anyone else have any good thoughts or positive memories about this app where I have walked a few thousand kilometers for slightly off-colour dinosaurs


Any time I dig into the most cherished Go memories I have, it goes back to that summer of 2016. Everyone was playing, and I damn near mean everyone. Person you’re about to walk past? Yep. People across the street? Yep. Couple pushing their kid in a stroller? Kid’s gonna be playing with you in a couple years. But I think the collective incredulous feeling we all shared was the best part. I asked several people and was asked several times back just the first couple days if I was playing Go. Heck yea I was! If only I had known we would never see spawns like that again outside of events. Those were good days… thank you for that Niantic


Loads of good thoughts:

It’s the longest I’ve played any one game.

It’s given me several new social circles

I genuinely enjoy it

It’s free if I want it to be


I love having pokemon I’ve caught somewhere that means something to me, usually on holiday or at a memorable location.

Catching my first Legendary with my local raid group, a 98% Kyogre

Driving round in a convoy on summer raid days

Probably more that I’ll think of later…


Yup. But the game isn’t the problem, people conduct negativity and even justify themselves. Criticism can and should exist, but negativity almost like the game owes them … nope

The game’s great, I love it even though we don’t have Sylveon :heart:


Oh yes, I (along with some others) overthrew the dominant pokemon go group that was spoofer led. Small city by the way.
Now I help take care of the community and is generally prosperous, been like two years already. I feel like I’ve made a lot of people happy helping them with raids or giving away pokemon they really wanted without being a jerk and asking for super rare things in exchange.
I’m not a engaged player anymore as I’m only motivated by my own whimsical s**t like what pokemon I find cute and whatnot, but the game does work a lot and if you’re open minded there’s a lot for the community/customers to enjoy with the good and creative releases they give us. Some ideas may have been cheap but that doesnt mean the game is unplayable at all like some people make it seem (and still play).


I got this for less than a share of AMC!


Use it in kanto cup :)

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