Pokemon go stadiums

Ok, this has the potential to be a very big change to the game. At first it looks as an aesthetic modification only, but they are called “stadiums”, so there is a big chance they won’t be the same thing, and will coexist (hopefully).

No release data yet, just datamined, but Niantic is working in the gym scene once again, finally.

I saw that, but are you sure that this is for gyms? There were a lot of other things in their post such as a raid leader board. I hope that you are correct because an overhaul for gyms is long overdue.

I’m not sure about anything. Just Hype

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Ok, this looks neat. I would love for this to coincide with a LONG overdue update to the gym system, but even if it’s just for raids, color me intrigued!

Tournaments would be cool!