Pokemon go tips

hi everyone im really bored and my girlfriends at work its my day off and i would like to talk about pokemon tips just fill this thread will all tips and your personal ways to play pokemon go

One of the best things I ever did for my Pokemon GO account was to use the trainer codes features here and add a lot of friends. Keep some room for people you meet IRL to add and trade with yadda yadda, but, add like 100 friends off the internet to exchange gifts with. Keeps the items up and gains XP pretty fast for newer accounts that need to level up. Just make sure when you open enough gifts to reach the daily limit each day and you will keep the items flowing especially if you have days where you can’t go out and hit a lot of stops.

Also, try to find a spot near you where you can hit like 5-10 stops in a circle so you can have a lot of items. Having a lot of balls will allow you to catch everything you see so you can keep that stardust up!

That’s a good tip also - catch everything! Stardust does add up and experienced players know its the best resource in the whole game and the hardest to come by also.

Speaking of stardust - I tend to wait until a Pokemon is needed in the meta or for a raid or something important before I power it up. Saves stardust and candy that way. Gym defense is whatever now a days, so, my tip about that would be to just power up the Pokemon when you need to actually have them be performing their absolute best.

AND MOST OF ALL (some people struggle with this) - HAVE FUN! It’s a game that is competitive, yes, but it is just a game, man. Lol.


What should I do with with these? Wait for better ones?
I only need one more mon for gold Hoenn badge to complete a task. I have 105 candies

Here’s the other pic

just do it slacking does not really mater for an iv perspective

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Yeah, man. Just Evolve it and throw it in gyms. It’s really useless except for having high CP and making the gym tall enough to scare some people away from it. Does nothing for PvE (as an attacker) or PvP. That Vigoroth will be plenty good to evolve into Slaking to just slap in gyms.

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