Pokemon GO : Ultra Beast Arrival

Some new event(s) in last few days of the season :

I am excited for Astral Eclipse event, Of course… :star_struck:

Are they actually putting us on commission?

It feels like.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Actually those who had played the entire season and had got all Ultra Beasts, then for them this event should not be much of need, unless they have to collect XP and have to build entire team of a species.

If Niantic wants everyone to have an Ultra Beast, then they should have done this via catch challenge or something similar, as it would have made it more accessible.

I’ve had time to read it now,it looks like everyone will get a chance for one of each via the research.

5 passes for more kartana and candy is fine by me. If the “boosted” rare xl rate is the same as last time that’s not so fine but for the price of free it’s not something I’ll shed tears over.

I take back the commission comment, for inviting loads of new players we get…nothing. They could have thrown on a star piece or a pack of raid passes, but an incense and a graphics change for pokeballs…shit the bed, that’s poor.

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