Pokemon Home for Go

Hey guys i was thinking that Pokemon Home will be available to POGO users in the future and i was wondering how they gonna do it i mean POGO have max level 40 Pokemon and in the main games the max level is 100 any opinions?

Connecting Go to Home is only supposed to be a 1-way transfer, meaning you can send stuff from Go to Home but not the other way around. Therefore, the level difference shouldn’t be a problem, and anything send to home will be level 40 at the max.

That’s what I’m thinking is going to happen, at least at first. I think there’s room for a change in there somewhere, and Go might see some transfer compatibility with (I would assume) just Sword & Shield. My guess would be a process that turns unwanted mons into consumable resources for your attached Go account. I doubt there will ever be a 1:1 transfer of mons between anything and Go, at least when sending to the mobile game.

My doubt is more in IVs. Go has 3 stats with a max of 15 and HOME has 6 with a max of 31. I guess they will be randomized in transference.