Pokemon in life

so recently ive played pogo way too much i want to know can you still be good if you only play pokemon when you are not in your house does it change your performance by limiting amount of time playing at home where nothing spawns

At home, you can go through your collection, planning battle parties, renaming mons (for example, to identify tradebait) and transferring unwanted ones.

Or you could play the console games. If you do not have a console, run an emulator on your computer instead.


no i meant i have a job and a girlfriend and am still taking a little bit of online college is it okay to not play pogo at home ecept for 4 battles and 10 minutes right after i get home from playing and be able to still play hardcore

cause i go out for about an hour or 2 a day and my job is at home almost everyday also i have money to spend on uber for pokemon go so do you think im set to only play on drives or on walks

Not sure I understand your question, but I’ll weigh in anyway. Hard core isn’t a definable term. What’s hard core for me might be considered casual by others. Be hard core (as you define the term) about your work and your relationships, take a shower every day and do the laundry once a week. Then go play hard enough that you still feel good about it. Very few people get to play this game at home. My son asked me one day what I was doing, and I said working some Pokémon numbers. He said that sounded very zen. But that’s what I do at home.


At the end of the day, this is just a game after all. Play when you want and when you can. :grin:


How much you play is entirely up to you. I myself shoot for an hour of walking after work. It’s a good chance to take my son for a walk and get a little fresh air. Recently with the heat or when wifey is home(we work opposite schedules) I’ll miss a day but that’s alright. If you think you are putting too much time into it and want to concentrate on other things, there is nothing wrong with cutting back or even taking a little break. This is a game its ment to have fun.

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Everyone should only play as much as their real life commitments allow them to. As long as you are not sacrificing your relationships or your job etc., play as much (or as little) as you want.

On an average day, I probably spend an hour playing, not including stuff like account maintenance (checking catches etc.) and discussing the game on social media. Some days, I’ll play for 8+ hours, and others I’ll barely have the time to spin a stop to keep the streaks going.

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Yeah, man. Definitely handle everything else first. Then play some games. That’s the best policy. The way POGO is designed, it’s pretty easy when you are traveling to at least spin a stop and catch one mon really quick to keep streaks alive. Other than that, you should only play when you can. Life will always be more important than some pokemon game man. The game will probably be a complete afterthought in a few years anyway so just enjoy it for the fun. no sense in letting life pass you by just so you can say you’ve got some sweet mons a few years from now when nobody plays anymore, ya know? I have seen you post that your girlfriend plays, too, and that’s cool, but, POGO-less dates might be good, too. Unless she’s more hardcore than you - in which case, GET GUD! JK. lol.

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yeah i have pokeball plus and go out in an uber because me and my girlfriend always play pogo on car so we are a typical every day customer of taxis and ubers and have free time so i think we both will cut back on pogo at home and still do our 1-2 hours of pokemon go in an uber a day

What exactly is there to “cut back on” with PoGo at home? You can’t really be accomplishing that much being stuck at one place, unless by some miracle you live on a hyper spot with stops/gyms and spawns.

Also, why always a car? Don’t you ever just get out and walk, like the game is meant to be played? Not having a dig, just curious.

I don’t have any gyms or stops from my couch, but, I do get really lucky for some reason there are always like 3-5 mons spawning every 30 mins or so around my front yard. It’s weird. But, I’ll take it. Every time I turn the game on I can catch SOMETHING. Electabuzz in the front yard last night. I know its because of this week, but, there’s at least something all the time.

This whole conversation just warped my brain.

There are people who take Ubers to catch pokemon??

That’s like the most bizarre thing ever, for me at least, but I’m getting a little bit old :slight_smile:


This dash is literally the very first and only punctuation I have ever seen after reading all your posts.

No, you can’t. You can’t be good unless you play in your house every day. You’ll have to sort through your IVs, TM moves, evolve for experience, calculate break point and bulk point, set up 2 team of counters for each lv3-5 raid boss, trade to reroll IVs, and most importantly, you have to feed berry every 30 minutes to make sure all gyms are yours!!! You should spend at least 2 hours playing at home to be considered hardcore!!!

Just kidding. Life is way more important. As Yoda said, "Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose."

Oh wait, you’re Yoda?


thanks for the grammar police
and may i ask whats your obsession with me by reading all my posts?

Punctuation is not grammar it is something that helps readers to understand better else they will be like what is this guy really asking I don’t understand it is he asking really is he asking if he can be hardcore if he does not go out to play or is he asking the opposite as you can see people are confused in this post so i was just giving you a suggestion dont be mad oh well anyways im not here to troll have a good evening or day depending on where you are from

Ok, thanks for clarifying.

Hey, lighten up. This is a worldwide community and most of us appreciate hearing about gameplay, even when it’s written by someone for whom English is a second language. All of us appreciate courtesy and respect.


Most of us who come on here and actively engage in multiple threads usually tend to read all the replies. I actually read every new post, so I see what everyone says. People who post on here usually tend to have a reputation and most regulars catch onto their habits and what they usually post. One individual, not naming names, usually posts about how they get screwed over and that it’s not RNG and Niantic has it out for them. It’s obvious what a lot of people here think about them, and everyone here has a “reputation.”

So to clarify, I don’t think he may be obsessed with reading all your posts/replies, but he actively reads all the threads, and sees everything you say, and came to a conclusion that you don’t use punctuation a lot. Not that it’s an issue, as @stacysmom1025 said, we’re happy to have more people actively engaging in this community like the way you do, so don’t let him bother you at all. :grinning:


you mean @Mr-ex777