Pokemon Lvl / IV question


Im fairly new to Pokemon go. Have been playing for a month or so now. Trying to figure out which Pokemon to start leveling up… a low level almost perfect 98% Machop or a higher lvl 91% Machamp…

I know the lvl 28.5 will cost me less dust and candies but will it go as high as the almost perfect one.?

Machamp LVL 28.5. 91% 14, 13, 14. 2459 Cp
Machop LVL. 6 98%. 15, 15, 14. 210 CP

How do I figure out which one will have a higher CP…?

This is an easy question to answer the 98% will end up (at the same level) with a higher CP…

All higher (attack) IV’s will end up higher… but the real question is will you notice the difference in my opinion not. What I used to do when I was a lower level (and was always poor on dust and candies) was look at Pokebattler and powered the usefull Pokémon’s to about 5 level’s lower then my own level (If I was level 30 power to level 25, 35 to 30 and even 40 to 35)… With Pokémon at level 35 you will have Pokémon that you can use for PvE and Shadow’s. If you are looking for PvP mom’s well then you will need to look at your Pokémon totally different and not (always look) for the highest IV’s.

But as a general rule for PvE try to find the highest level Pokémon you can in the wild and use those for now to form your battle parties. Later on when you have more dust and more candies then you can start to look for the best IV ones. But to be honnest with you I still use those 80 to 90 IV Pokémon (Tyranitar, Rhyperior,…) I powered up and yes I have enough dust/candies to power up my 98% ones but I don’t notice the difference (except perhaps when you try to shortman a 5star/mega raid but I would not worry to much about that for now).


Great advise! Thanks a million! Just the answers I was hoping to get.


@ikke has pretty much nailed it.

Also worth noting that some pokemon, most of them really useful, have a free evolution from 2nd to 3rd form if they’re traded. So, if you have any friends who play and they have high level, poor IV examples who can trade you the 1st or 2nd stage of these:

Abra* Kadabra (evolves into Alakazam)
Machop* Machoke (evolves into Machamp)
Geodude* Graveler (evolves into Golem)
Gastly* Haunter (evolves into Gengar)
Roggenrola* Boldore (evolves into Gigalith)
Timburr* Gurrdurr (evolves into Conkeldurr)

  • Karrablast (evolves into Escavalier)
  • Shelmet (evolves into Accelgor)

It will only cost you 25 candies (or zero for the last two as they only have 1 evolution) to evolve them fully. So, even though your Level 29 57%IV traded machop might not be one for the long term, right now it will be a very good team member in all kinds of situations for a cost of only 25 candy.

Generally, this is my take on playing.;You’ll hear a lot of nonsense from people about how only 4* pokemon or 97%+ are any good, in PvE (raids, gyms, rocket battles) that’s not true, in PvP (GBL etc) it’s a little more important but not vital. IV’s make up no more than (very roughly) 10% of total stats so whilst a hundo is better and gives you better value for dust/candy, it doesn’t make that 65% useless. I’m L50, have been playing for years but some of my teams still have poor IV candidates , simply because it’s not worth spending the dust to gain a few fractions of extra performance or because on that particular Community Day I could only find a shiny with poor IVs.

You’ll be tempted to spend dust and candy early, because it can be tricky to be competitive in your first few months. Wherever you can, don’t. T3 raids can be a useful source of various counters, as can purified shadows (instant L25), make do for now, you’ll be rewarded later when you can start to really power up your good candidates. Lucky trades wherever possible are great for saving dust, so again, if you have a local group see who can randomly trade you their excess stuff, I’ve got loads that I keep just in case people need a few IV rerolls.

If you don’t have an active local community, try and join a raid group too, so you can hit more raids and win more often. Most areas have a facebook/discord group, I’ve got a local group and an international group and it’s unusual if we don’t manage to get numbers to raid when we want to.

Keep an eye on future events so you can plan what you do - eg, Saturday is Community Day, so don’t be evolving any Samurott until then.

Apart from that, enjoy it, it’s a game not a job, although sometimes it can feel like one.


I agree with most of what has been said.

In my oppinion during the early stages of the game (provided you’re a fighter and not a collector) your aim is to build up squads of 6 attackers at minumum cost for the useful types. Priority should go to anything useful for the current boss or the next one coming down the line.

In the fighting department answering your question you should try to get 6 machamps/hariyamas at level 30-35 without looking at IVs. The easiest way is to catch wild level pokemon or trade them.

Towards the higher level you can them aim to build the perfect fighting squad with a couple of shadow machamp, lucarios, conkedurrs, then you may start to worry about IVs (although in my opinion level and the right composition for the current boss are more important than IVs).

So the answer is rise the level 28.5 to level 30-35 whenever you need a fighter if you wish but leave the 98% for future stages in the game and don’t spend dust on it yet.

@ShakeNBake Another question is whether to level up the 2459 Machamp at all. I don’t know if your level is high enough for pvp, but you might want to use a below 2500cp Machamp for the current league. Another thing to consider is, leveling up is more rewarding in the lower levels. It’s also better to have 6 machamps at 2000-2500 then one at 3000 and five at 1500, but the spent resources are similar.