Pokemon Masters has more love put into it than the $60 game

  • Masters is more graphically detailed and more visually appealing than Sword and Shield
  • Masters has a lot more animation and expressions than Sword and Shield https://snaptube.cam/
  • Masters is more feature rich than Sword and Shield, as it contains several of the big features GameFreak cut over the years, such as Mega Evolutions, a mechanic that functions just like Z-Moves, and has triple battles as the core gameplay mechanic 9apps
  • Doesn’t exclusively panders to Gen 1 and has fanservice for everyone no matter which gen is your favorite

This is why GameFreak should not be making Pokemon games anymore. We could be getting so much more love if a different developer was making Pokemon games.


That last point is so valid for some reason :/

Everyone hates traditional RPGs because they’re normally a contest of who has the biggest numbers. Only time they get enjoyable is if they got interesting characters on top of a good story or feature combat where being able to one-shot opponents isn’t the main point.

I feel like Pokemon Masters can be compared a lot to Chrono Trigger. They feature similar battle mechanics, and you can just skip to the main points, but there’s a lot of side content that’ll add more layers to the world and characters around you if that’s your thing.

What i want is essentially the pokemon adventure like the anime. Going to different regions and town learning more about the lore ect like mystery dungeon mixed with the anime and the games and open world ofc because that’s when pokemon will truly become unique. Back then old games had so much diversity and events relating to the story my favorite being the pichu event from Heart GOLD and soul silver and The keldeo from Black and White and black and White 2 both of which i missed. Now it’s more of like get online to this specific place or day and boom legendary. But it’s a dream that’ll never bear fruit due to the companies nowadays thinking of making money and money. It’s saddening to be honest but oh well.

I think Pokémon already peaked at Gen 6. Which is why the mainline games only get worse after ORAS. Also if you think about it, the current spinoff games like Pokémon GO and Pokémon Masters only feature Mega Evolution, a game mechanic from Gen 6, and not Z-Move or Dynamax.

Also, I think they want to make Pokémon more accessible to more people hence why they keep making mobile games. Of course, it’s still a shame that the quality of the mainline games has to be dropped because of that.

Certain PM pairs from Alola use Z-Moves as their sync moves, but that’s only a visual detail with no additional effect.

I think it’s reasonable to keep Z-Moves and DMax exclusive to Gen 7/8 though, given that Z-Moves can only be “learned” through island trials exclusive to Alola and DMax is only possible with Power Spots and a massive stadium big enough to fit 2 Dynamaxed Pokemon. Mega Evolutions on the other hand only require a Mega Bracelet and the corresponding Mega Stone. Not saying DMax can’t be replicated in other regions, but it’s likely not gonna be anywhere as huge as in Galar than in other regions.

I actually didn’t know about some PM SP having Z-Move, so thank you for that. But yeah, I still think that Pokémon peaked at Gen 6 and the quality of the mainline games is dropped in favor of making more mobile games.

For now, I’m just going to wait for New Pokémon Snap, ‘cause that game actually looks good and interesting.

This is not the sentiment I get at all from playing PM. I found SwSh to be visually stunning all around except the Wild Area (specifically on Galar proper, isle of Armor is gorgeous) and maybe some minor things heard and there but that’s not the point of the games to me so it’s not really a detractor.

The animations have the same “generic-ness” in both SwSh and PM so I don’t understand what you mean by “more animation and expression.”

I don’t understand why people are so shocked or upset that certain features don’t always carry over. Some of them like triple battles were never very popular and others only made sense for the region of that generation like Alola and Z-moves. It makes total sense to me why they weren’t carried to next gen.

I also don’t understand why people say SwSh panders to Gen 1. If anything, it panders to Gen 5 since that makes up the largest part of the Galar Dex.

SwSh was a step in the right direction to me and apparently they did a lot of things right since I’m pretty sure SwSh had The most successful launch of any Pokemon game to date.

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