Pokémon not leaving gyms after their health is drained

Honestly i need help with this and if someone could help me it’ll be able to help other trainers that have this problem

You are talking about your pokémon not returning, or about not being able to take over the gym?

yeah it won’t leave no matter what i do it’s been in there for 5 days almost 6 and it’s motivation is at 0

It will only leave the gym once it has been defeated… someone needs to knock it out of the gym for it to leave.

It will stay in there forever otherwise

that’s a problem cause most of the players around me including myself are team mystic

Best solution in an inactive area is to create an alt account with a different team. It doesn’t have to be anything special, just get it to L20 or so, which is dead easy with friends and the xp boosts. Either raid with it or even just trade a couple of things to it, say a machoke, kababra, golem and a roserade (or whatever you have free) and use it to clear the gyms.

thanks man

Yeah…the gym scene has seen better days. It’s only try-hards and starving 'mon now. One more neglected feature that needs a serious revamp.

Pandemic and winter doesn’t help either.

It’s only try-hards and starving 'mon now.

I put a Pokemon in a gym this morning, and it came back after just 15 minutes. I was so surprised I just stared at my phone for a minute, not registering the “1 Pokecoin”, then slowly realized that for the first time in months, a TEAM of Players (or one very dedicated player) took out a Perfect, 100% Motivation Level 40 Blissey before a “Your Pokemon needs a Berry!” message even came up for me.

Then I pulled the Anchorman “I’m not even mad.” meme IRL.

It only takes 2 accounts, staggering the attacks. It’s even easier if there are 2 or more pokemon in there .

Blissey is only good if there’s something else with high defence and HP to back it up and prolong the battles. The exception is when they just take out one pokemon at a time

It only takes 2 accounts, staggering the attacks. It’s even easier if there are 2 or more pokemon in there .

It’s not hard to take it down, and to take it down quickly, yeah. But usually even with 2 accounts doing a staggered attack, there is time for message to pop up saying that it needs a berry. Usually I’ll get that message, followed by me immediately tapping to go to the gym, and it’s already gone… but the message about needing a Berry did pop up. That’s what surprised me - I went from on the gym to off the gym that fast.

Someone was really on their game this morning.