Pokemon Worlds: Epitome of GO Desidia

Today a friend of mine send this to our WhatsApp group:

At first you may notice a normal announcement of the pokemon go championship, but a closer look reveals something is wrong. One of the “most used teams” (sorry unovan stunfisk, I just don’t believe you make the cut) is azu, sableye, and KANTO marowak. For those unfamiliar with pvp, kantonian marowak is nonexistant, alolan marowak is the one that matches perfectly with azu and sableye, and yes, that’s a very strong team.
Minor mistake perhaps, but the Point is that this proves the person who did this has absolute no idea about this game and pvp. He/she get paid for doing this, there is not a single double check, and this kind of errors are Niantic trademark.

Desidia is a spanish word that I couldn’t find a direct translation to english. It more less means “apathy or total lack of interest, care, and vigilance in doing something”. Its a bit more than just lazyness. This could be a solo and funny mistake if we weren’t talking about Niantic. This is usual and expected from them.

Some people are going to say that I’m going too far with this, and perhaps it’s true. But the point is that Pokemon worlds is a big opportunity for this game. It’s the chance to get a lot of people to play the game for the first time, or come back after years. Promotion is key, the Franchise is giving this app a chance to participate for the first time in 6 years.

GBL is fun. It has a lot of potential, and you can’t compare it with any other franchise game. Old people know me here, but for the ones that don’t, I’m probably the only one in this site that takes PvP quite seriously, to the point that I was a leader of my local community for years, played silph, gbl every single season, climbed for legend and the leaderboards most seasons, and all that boring nerd stuff. I’m the one who bores to death with pointless GBL/PVP analyses. I Like this game. That’s why I feel bad for all of what’s happening with the game as a whole, and with the competitive scene. They are wasting opportunities like no tomorrow, and they seem to don’t even care.

13 seasons and counting, and the game still have a lot of bugs, lag, that I personally take the light way (as we say with Friends they are free anger control excercises), but if any of this happens during the tournament it’s going to be very embarrasing. Not to mention that the gbl scene had no season reworks for the last 8 months (because of the championship ¿?), but 4 days before the “grand finale” a very annoying anti meta pick like obstagoon, wich was used for some players to get to London, gets a new toy to play with in the form of obstruct that probably is messing some strategies contenders had. Why?

Well, it was longer than expected. Not my intention to rant, I hope for the best. I just think a lot of things have to change for the game, and Niantic just don’t care, wich is a pitty. Thanks for reading and lets see what happens.

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Look they just don’t care anymore and this is a given.


The following is what I encountered on the FIRST ZAMAZENTA I ran into in this event. Look. 17 curve excellent grbs. It hardly mattered, just popped out and fled despite complete perfection.

In 2022, not 2017 mind you.

Shows a lot about this game really.

And it’s not just a Pokemon GO issue, just go look at what GameFreak is doing recently.

And I mean go look at Sword and Shield and the “Diamond and Pearl remakes”. Whole big bag of more bugs, literal or metaphorical. I assume Scarlet and Violet is the same anyways. It’s going to be a flop because of a completely apathetic and incompetent web of devs.

Then compare that shit to Square Enix. Yes they hate their fans, they do NFTs. But you look at their Live a Live remake, censorship otherwise it doesn’t have the same freezing bugs or day 1 patches, its graphics are DECENT for a 2D remake and it actually expands upon and patches the issues that plague the OG game to make it a better experience.


Weird. Would have never noticed (didn’t look into these news), but why did they chose to let a noob do that?

@Mr-ex777 you really rant that a legendary ran away? I thought you grew up a bit…

It’s just one part of the rant and not the whole rant.

The point is that what do you expect when it’s not jist Niantic but the WHOLE TPC network is like that.

You know what? Pokempn Go has better graphics than what Gamefreak churns out these days.

It’s not funny.


We call them “The Government” over here.