Pokestops and cells

Hello! I have a question about pokestops and the way it works, someone perhaps can help me.
My goal is to make the park were I live a great place to play, so the 7 eligible spots always goes to the park. But I commited a mistake and put a pokestop in a cell wich already has a pokestop. It was admited (checked in ingress), but not available in pokemon go because two PS can’t share a cell.
But, what happens if I move the first one outside of the cell? Only one meter suffice, it can be done… will the new pokestop appear? Or once is in ingress but outside of pokemon go there is nothing I can do?

It will appear, but if it’s currently in a correct position (even if not optimum for cell placement) it’s unlikely the move will be voted through. A move has to improve the accuracy against the physical location.

Yep, I was thinking about that too. The thing is, the graffiti no longer exists. Perhaps sending a request to eliminate the old nonexistant graffiti, but it’s the same, just changing a pokestop for another in the same cell.

Getting non-existing stops removed has a surprisingly low success rate, but worth a go.

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I’ll tell you un a few days pal