Poliwrath and Rocket Leaders

Poliwrath is listed as a great counter against many pokemon Rocket Leaders use. I own one hundo (lv20) Poliwrath and three purified Poliwags (lv25) with IVs of 91-93. I also have high level Lucario I use for Rockets already but I find it quite fragile against some movesets while Poliwrath’s typing and bulk can give it an edge in many fights. I have about 1.76 m dust but I’m still reluctant to burn ~200k (candy is not issue) on a pokemon with max CP far less than 3000. So options I consider are:

  1. Max 100% Poliwrath - it’s HUNDO for god’s sake!
    1a. Bring 100% Poli to 2493 to use it in Ultra League later
  2. Max one of purified Poliwags - higher starting level and 20% less dust to burn including second move cost
    2a. Bring one of them to near 2500 for UL
  3. Leave fighting frogs alone - spend dust on much better stuff (like recently acquired 98% purified Scyther)

What’s community’s verdict?

My thought is that this is one place where you are likely to really get your use out of Poliwrath! If I had 1mil dust to spare, I’d power-up a Poliwrath (especially since yours are decent IVs). I’d definitely start with keeping it <2500 though (2a).

Or, go for the brass ring, and trade for a purified poliwag. 60% savings on dust if you get a lucky one, and if not, you can use one with low attack high def and stamina for the Ultra League.

I also have a 100% Poliwag sitting in the box.

Sadly it can’t learn Mudshot which is the better fast move, by a lot, with 4.5 energy gain per turn, against 3.67 of Bubble.

Bubble does a lot more damage, which is kind of pointless because Sneasel and Meowth will die to PuP anyway, so better charge that fast. Spamming charged moves in Rocket battles is the way to go because the grunts stop attacking for 2 turns after firing or receiving a charged move attack. With Mudshot, this means Poliwrath can spam PuP like crazy, which also help burn out the shields faster (and getting those +25% buff bonus quicker).

I use Lucario to bait Shields with PuP and finish off pokemon in a first spot so I would use Poliwrath for 2nd and 3rd mon if necessary. Bubble can do some serious work against fire and ground pokemon, especially for Cliff’s lineup as well as Giovanni’s but I defeated him already, so … Ice Punch seems golden against dragons each of three leaders use too.

It may do the job, but it still won’t be as good as spamming charge moves and keeping the enemy pokemon stunned