Poliwrath or Politoad

So I have a 96% Poliwag and I cant decide what should I evoled it to. I need your opinions to help me decide which is the better option in terms of Raids and PvE or PvP Poliwrath or Politoad.

Politoad is no good for PvE. It’s a crowded field and there’s loads of better water-types. Poliwrath is an ok Fighting-type in PvE. Lasts fairly well against T-tar and steel types.

In PvP, Poliwrath is better because of Power-up-Punch but Politoad can be useful in it’s own way.

In raids, both are fairly poor choices.

For PvP, Poliwrath is pretty good, though yours would be lacking legacy Mud Shot, which is the secret to a large amount of its success. Likewise, your Politoed can’t learn Earthquake, which, for PvP, is quite unfortunate.

Pick the one you think is coolest?