(Poll Closed) Help me with my plan to stay in Tier 21 these two weeks

I want to try to stay in Tier 21 during this bonus period and need advice on what to do.

Would a +1 Legendary Ryoma and a +10 Fjorm with two Water-blessed +10 units be good enough?

It would be something like this:

Or would I need to build this:

Ruptured Sky merely for scoring and because it’s both a 2 CD Special and I can get it while I get DC, but do note that I have several DC sources. 5 DFs because I can’t afford more right now, 2 would be good enough anyway. I also would probably give Laslow an AR blessing after his bonus period is over.

While building Laslow would be fun, I don’t have a need for him and already have a good amount of +10 red units, so I would be fine with using Ryoma if it’s enough.

  • Legendary Ryoma is enough
  • Build Laslow
  • Just settle for Tier 20.5 as usual

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I’d appreciate it if you could justify your answer.

Thank you very much.

If you fish for the right score you can score up to 756 per match which is more than enough

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I’d say build Laslow regardless of arena scoring, but that’s not the question here sadly :feh_elisad:


Good luck staying t21

I dont have any way to hit high enough with a single fiora as my only actual bonus unit(at absolute best i would get 3760 but thats way more effort i need to snipe hard and fiora aint good for it) so im going to be hanging out in t20 for these weeks.

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