Poll: Cute Couple Wars!

The premise is simple - which Servant pairing do you think will win in an all-out battle royale to win the coveted, blood-soaked title of “Cutest Couple Ever”?

Note: this assumes that mana is not an issue, and doesn’t factor in any Masters

  • Brynhildr x Sigurd
  • Sakamoto x Oryou
  • Cleopatra x Caesar
  • Amakusa x Semiramis
  • Achilles x Atalante
  • Sieg x Astolfo
  • Anne x Mary
  • Artemis x Orion
  • Enkidu x Gilgamesh
  • Iskandar x Waver
  • Ibaraki x Shuten
  • Kiritsugu x Irisviel
  • Euryale x Asterios

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P.S. I know a couple of them are considered just one Servant so they might be at a disadvantage compared to the others, but oh well! Blame the Throne, not me!

P.P.S I probably forgot some couples (or purposely ignored some like Sieg x Jeanne) so if you think of any I should add to the poll, let me know! I also didn’t really want to double up on some pairings like Gil x Ozy since I already put Gil x Enkidu on there.


The winner is predictable


I can´t believe you say “blood-soaked title” but there is no AchillesxCEO to pick :fgo_illya:


I saw Kiri x Iri and it was no competition


I honestly thought about it, but I had already put Achilles x Atalante up there.

Plus we already have Bryn and Sigurd up there, who are just as likely to kill each other and thus lose the war :laughing:

As much as I love both Amakusa and Semiramis, they don’t function as well together from a lore-only perspective.

It takes a small Servant army to siege Semiramis’ Gardens, and she is stupidly powerful inside of her territory, but she can’t leave without sacrificing her advantage. Amakusa is a Ruler and a strong Servant, but he’s not getting a lot of backup unless they can force the confrontation near the Gardens.

Gilgamesh and Enkidu, on the other hand, have no territory restrictions. An open field battle favors them despite Amakusa’s class because of the aforementioned issue with Semiramis. Besides, if anyone has a shot at taking out the Gardens without major support, it’s the Enuma Elish duo.


Cutest couple? Not best couple or most compatible?

This is a no brainer!


sees bryn and Sigurd at the top I dunno this feels like recency bias to me


Gilgamesh and Enkidu combo? Don’t think any of the other teams would make it out alive.

Now if it’s just best couple aside from combat, then I would vote for Amakusa/Semiramis.


going ryouma x oryou strictly cuz oryou is life.


A C H I L L E S X N Y A N T A :fgo_buster:


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I would argue that each couple here is cute but then I saw Ryouma X Oryou and knew t’was no competition.

Yay, pisu, pisu!
Iya, iya, honki de thanomo yo…
Edit- Also,
Wait you shouldn’t eat them…ahh…she ate them…


Ryouma’s design incorporating Oryou was a total win. They did a wonderful job with them.


Absolutely agreed.

Cute Couple Wars.

Why can’t this be a Valentine’s Day Event for FGO? They clearly have alot of couples, even odd ones (Nero Bride x Eliza Lancer, they’d enter just for that prize and for exposure).


Because Fergus would bang everyone by Section 3 of the main quest line, declare victory, and close down the event shop.


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Dude you even have read Okianos? They are a great couple, you should have shame for talking that way about the servant most needed for love the good boy Asterios


Now, now, we don’t shame around here.

Asterios is fluffy and adorable, but we don’t hold it against people if they want to pair him with that evil doll.