[Poll][Important] Hidden & True Names: Which one should we use?

Hey everyone,

Up until now we’ve tried to keep pace with the official localization when it comes to the name of the Servants. Considering the walkthroughs are spoiler-free, mostly because I think seeing future enemies kinda spoils any twists and turns directly, we also thought it’d be best the names for EoR Servants would be hidden. It’d allow for more story enjoyment.

Yet, in practice it’s proven very much a mixed bag. The names are an open secret, casually spoiled in almost any thread. Other wikis naturally use their actual names, and even our own forum (hah) has the spoiler name for some of the EoR 2 Servants.

Plus, I’ll be honest, I get really annoyed at having to type the hidden name in the search bar.

So, we come to a crossroad. Should we go (back) to listing the revealed names (walkthroughs are unaffected) - or do we go by the hidden names.

I prefer not to use a mixed option - that always has the risk of the back-end infrastructure being a pain.

  • Option 1: Reveal all true names
  • Option 2: Keep the hidden names

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Personal Request: Please try to stay on topic here.

Extremely curious regarding what you think - and thanks for any feedback or comments.

Edit: For what it is worth, it is not just about the poll numbers - that is just a general response. A minor lead for either isn’t necessarily decisive.

To be had, anyone who actually cares enough to actively avoid foreknowledge of something in the game won’t be looking here and on other fan-pages in the first place. Besides, the triple-names - in the x-of-x scheme - are rather unwieldy themselves and may be confusing when turned into acronyms, so might as well just call them by (part of their) actual name or common nickname. E.g. James, Yang, doggo, etc.


About the only servant I would probably even have the slightest bit of disappointment from being spoiled would be the return of Solomon :slight_smile:

The Shinjiku reveals were a big so-what to me, even if I didn’t already know.

i mean the hidden true name mechanism doesn’t really work when we are 2 years late so you might as well show their true names


I’d rather the names stay hidden, but I’m not as bothered as others. I like the mystery about it and I loved when I got the Archer of Shinjuku reveal which I avoided spoilers of. If you were to keep them hidden, maybe the search engine could be tweaked so you could have true names in the alias section and the search takes them into account. I’m sure you don’t want more work on your plates right now though.

In the end, there’s no simple solution and not everyone can be pleased.

EDIT: The problem for me is that people reading the spoiler-free walkthrough might accidentallly catch a glance at the “Popular Servants Today” section and be spoiled that way. There’s still the possibility of someone trying to avoid spoilers getting spoiled. As I said though, no real simple solution exists.


As long as spoiler free walkthrough stays i dont mind

make up fitting fake names


I mean you’ve already spoiled the true names for new Berserker and Assassin in their threads, may as well go ahead with using them on the main wiki too.
Besides, when have true names ever actually been important to keep secret?

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i think the only exception here is moriarty but i agree with you .Knowing berserker d’el dorado 's true name won’t change much to the story

I’m extremely lazy to type the hidden names, and I’ll admit even if I tried it would probably slip my mind and I’d keep using the real name.

However, I do understand some people might not be as invested on the wikis and whatnot, and it sucks to be spoiled online.
Then again, in this day and age, you SHOULD expect spoilers about everything on social media, and thus should avoid them like the plague if you really care. It’s incredibly hard, but such is reality.

I kinda like it. I find them fun.

That said I won’t be upset if they’re changed.

Not a chance - I always wanted to do the story myself back on JP without having to check any wikis in advance. But I also hated surprised and such, and losing AP that way. So, I never could.

I like the format as well - so no worries.

I’ll like to see the True Names.
I mean, too much spoilers out of there. You can found it whenever you’re searching servants name on some web.
Tbh maybe because i’m not really good in remembering history, i didn’t even know what history behind their true name (for example Archer Shinjuku, which i need to read mash description about him)
So i think it’s okay to reveal their true name.

In my opinion names should be revealed because everybody is using their true names anyway (at least when it comes to discuss F/GO from gameplay perspective)

I know that there’re people who want to follow the story as best as possible and I think there’s a solution for them:
you should consider adding the toggle button in GP account settings, so registered people can choose whether they want to use them or not.
Most of GP readers also have accounts due to saving their plans in servant planner (or replying to our old, precious Q&A system) so I think this’d be best possible option
But I guess this might be a Technical difficutly…

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I preferfor them to stay hidden.
At least in the official page. If someone do spoiler here, thets no problem. If you go into a online community you should expect spoiler.
But not on the official page.
For example, one could do shinjoku and look in the game for Archer to see if he is worth summoning, and be spoiled very hard

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If possible, you could maybe write the nicknames and keep them for 1-2 weeks, and then ctr-f them into the servant’s name. That’ll give people that don’t want spoilers a reasonable buffer but won’t be a pain to work around forever.

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I’d rather have the True Names hidden. One of the reasons why I use this wiki instead of FGO Wiki is exactly because it avoids spoilers. Before, you could easily get spoiled by the “Most Popular Servants Today” side bar, since the change to hide the names that probability fell a lot.

Besides, I don’t see any reason to not hide the names, besides some other communities not doing so and convenience. Sure, people can get spoiled in other places, but that doesn’t mean that they will or that we shouldn’t care about spoiling people here. Heck, I’ve seen people on r/grandorder that weren’t spoiled of any names. And then there are people that basically only use this wiki. I don’t know how many they are, but that should be taken into account.

And about convenience, I don’t know how this wiki works, but maybe you could have a special page that redirects people when typing True Names. For instance, you’d have a blank page named:

True Name

Yan Qing

That when accessed would redirect to Assassin of Shinjuku’s page. That way it wouldn’t appear on “Most Popular Servants Today”, people that want to search by the True Name could do that, and you’d have to specifically search for it to find it.
Elements on the wiki, like planners and other stuff, would need their own solution tho.

But even then I don’t think it’s much work to search for them the way they are right now. You write “Shinj” and the top suggestions are already Archer, Assassin, and Avenger of Shinjuku; you write “Nightl” and the only suggestions are Caster and Assassin (and Nightless Rose heh), you write “El D” and the only suggestion is our beloved Amazon.

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I like all these options, and to me they would feel the most natural. ACEs would probably work best, followed by Ivory and Strawberuka.

In Shinjuku, I wasn’t sufficiently familiar with the real world version of the servants for it to make any difference whatsoever whether I was spoiled or not. I peeked at the next batch… Don’t know them either… Just reveal the names.

The fact that some might not be familiar with certain characters does not mean that all are. For myself, I knew Moriarty and the parts of Hessian Lobo. Knowing Lobo wouldn’t have spoiled that much, but Moriarty would’ve. I feel it’s better to play this safe and hide more rather than less.

As for agartha, all of it got spoiled already, and although the name of Caster means nothing to me, I am familiar with the character. I’m not familiar with Caster, vaguely familiar with Berserker, and of course I know Rider. I do avoid spoilers related to story when people are kind of enough to tag them as such. However, a lot of the Guide readers won’t frequent this forum, and as such, will most likely not have been spoiled. And as to protect them, I would rather have the names hidden in some form or another.