[POLL] Should I pull for Sonya or the Soiree banner?

The soiree banner was terrible for me. Now I have 2 orbs and just an useless F!Morgan with awful ivs. I was interested in Ishtar and Berkut, I don’t need them but they are characters that I really like and honestly I like to collect dancers. My main problem is that the next week we’ll get the rerun of Sonya’s banner. Sonya is my favorite character from SoV and a fantastic unit, since I don’t have good green mages except Micaiah, Julia and Deirdre (and except Micaiah, I don’t use them)

Should I use the TT orbs for Sonya or pull for the two dancers since they are limited? It’s so hard pull for Gen 1 units, ugh

  • Sonya
  • Berkut/Ishtar

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You seem to really like Sonya so go for her! :flaynfish:


if Sonya is your favorite character, i’d say go for her, the dancers are surely gonna appear on some legendary banners and a rerun next year, but there’s no telling when Sonya is gonna be on a banner :catroll:


Yeah, I can always try to get Ishtar and Berkut on a legendary banner/the next year. Thanks God Rinea is free

Like others have said, if Sonya is one of your favorite characters; and you need a good green mage; then go for her. Your chances will also be better on a 3 person banner with base 4% rate vs a 4 person banner with base 3% rate.

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These dancers are good, have amazing art, but they aren’t anything special gameplay wise. Sonya is a freaking nuke. And if she’s your favorite character that only strengthens the argument. Plus, you have much better odds when pulling for Sonya.


I’d like to support the idea of going for Sonya!, her banner has three people and 4% which gives you improved odds, compared to the seasonal banner going now :birbpeek:.

Also the units will appear on a Legendary/Mythic Hero banner in some months, yes the wait may be long however I believe it’ll be worth it!.

Oh good luck too, do it for our best girl of Valentia! :four_leaf_clover: :birbpeek:

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The dancers will be back in like 6 months on an 8% banner. Meanwhile who knows when you’ll get another chance to pull Sonya – and you’ll have much better odds trying to pull a green with an increased rate on a 3 unit banner than trying to pull a blue and especially a red on a four unit banner.


Thanks guys! I forgot that Sonya’s banner has 4% rate , I should take this opportunity