Poll: Skadi or GSSR, Which Banner Are You Rolling First?

Assuming you’re planning to roll both banners, which one will you roll first? Will your luck on one affect your roll on the other?

  • Skadi first
  • GSSR first
  • Not sure yet

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If this weren’t here I’d have asked “Where’s neither?”

I’m saying this so no one else says it after me :ferdbirb:


GSSR before I lose my saved up paid quartz to Skadi


Yeah, rolling Extra on GSSR, so it really doesn’t affect my Skadi rolls. But I don’t want to use up my paid quartz accidentally.

Assuming I don’t end up needing to acquire more paid quartz, anyway…

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Yeah GSSR first. If Skadi goes very badly, the paid quartz will already have been accounted for.

Ultimately it doesn’t really matter, but the plan is to start with what I already have.


Pretty much this, although if I get Dantes my Skadi budget may well increase.


Doesn’t really matter to me but I will probably do skadi first. I know when to stop before I dip into my 26 paid SQ

Famous last words…


Skadi then GSSR. I could only imagine my sadness and angry doing the gssr, getting someone like Dante’s or MhXA and then not Skadi.

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I am also looking at 1500 free SQ after everything from the anniversary, so if I have to blow through that much without skadi, another 26 sq probably won’t do anything to begin with


SKADI! :fgo_ereshsmile: :fgo_ereshsmile:

I must complete my most precious collection of Scathach, and it’ll finally be complete if she answers my call. I’m going all in with my precious SQs just for her banner :fgo_gudako: :fgo_gudako:

Skadi first, because if I fail there’s a chance I’ll change my mind about which GSSR I’ll roll. And since I haven’t bought my sq for GSSR yet, no chance of accidentally using on skadi. It does mean that I might do an 11th hour GSSR while I scrape together more free sq to try again on the last day of skadi’s rate up…


And to think that this morning (i won’t roll for Skadi) i was thinking:

Anniversary gives us lots of bonus SQZ and Tickets. It’s as if DW wants to gift us all a Skadi.

But seeing how many people are unsure to be able to get her, maybe i’m a bit too much optimistic about the free SQZ/Tickets effectiveness

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The free anniversary sq was enough for me to catch Holmes last year… And with on old account I’ll get over 2x the sq this year… So that’s the total of my savings…

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Well, the Anniversary bonuses are my budget for Nitocris assassin.
I would like her NP3, but at this point even NP1 will be a good result

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Doing GSSR first since its a set investment, all the paid quartz left over are devoted to skadi in my expected failed attempt to get her

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Step 1 - Buy big pack
Step 2 - Use paid Quartz to get servant I didn’t want in GSSR
Step 3 - Roll for Skadi but get spooked
Step 4 - Cry

My plan is going to work perfectly! :fgo_jeannu:


Skadi first with my free sq.

I could get a spook that changes my mind on which banner to roll.

Then I’ll buy a pack for BB summer and use the paid sq from that for the GSSR.


Luck? What’s that?

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I don’t know. Probably the GSSR, but I could try for Skadi first. All I’ll need for the GSSR is 15 quart so would just have to make sure that much is left over.

One doesn’t really impact the other for me. Well unless I got a spook while rolling for Skadi, but that’s a pretty low % thing to focus on.