[Poll Time] What do you look for in your Friend Support?

I’m sure someone at some point has done something like this, but I didn’t see anything recent, and there have a been a few topics on Support lists and earning FP, so it made me curious to ask this:

Assuming average daily play with no specific challenge quest or event needs, which of these categories (if any) best describe how you usually select a Support Servant for your battles?

    • AoE Damage (e.g. Zerkerlot, Raikou)
    • Single-Target Damage (e.g. Cu Alter, Jeanne Alter)
    • Support (e.g. Waver, Merlin)
    • Last Stand/Anchor (e.g. Jeanne D’Arc, backline Heracles w/ Bond CE)
    • Novelty (e.g. new or rare Servant, Grails, Meme Comps, etc.)
    • Help New Players Earn FP
    • Specifically Rider w/Mona Lisa or Caster w/Lunchtime
    • Anything w/ Mona Lisa or Chaldea Lunchtime
    • Other Reasons

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Specifically the Mona Lisa and lunchtime. Since I whale I can cover anyone of my needs myself so might as well get some bonus stuff


There’s no “Everything Above” Option…


Only because I didn’t think it would be very useful. I think most players do have a regular habit for their daily farm and miscellaneous quest nodes.

Players who do all of the above more or less evenly are probably an “Other” :slight_smile:

I know I’m probably in the minority here, but I am really, really tired of seeing Mona Lisa’s and Lunchtime’s everywhere. I want your best-in-slot in terms of your support unit, and that goes for your CEs as well.

That being said, there’s a time and place for everything, so I guess as Yunchii hinted at… all of the above? Sorta? I settled on Single-Target DPS since, on average, that’s probably what I pick most of the time. Aside from that, it’s generally whichever NP5 Raikou with MLB Kaleidoscope I have on my list that pops up first.

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Pretty much whatever servants with Mona Lisa and lunchtime since I use my own servants to 3T farm

The only thing that still bugs me a bit are that Mona Lisa are always in rider class support (Yes, I know I do the same).

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I agree with you about the Rider thing.

I used to put Mona Lisa on whichever Servant was there to look pretty, but I noticed that most of my friends kept Mona Lisa on Riders and Lunchtime on Casters, so I went along with it to make them easier to find.


I mean, you have a Level 100 NP5 10/10/10 Ozy, so at that point CEs be damned. :joy:

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Yes the only reason I place it there because I know all people go to that spot for this CE. But still not making sense to me until this day

One day, if I do get nito, i’ll put it on her in all class…

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It still hurts me not to give him a real CE, but the FP income doesn’t lie: people want my Rider to carry that damned painting around, I guess.


Personally, I have this weird hang-up about using gameplay elements that I don’t own or didn’t create. I never run published D&D modules, I don’t play with other people’s Magic: the Gathering decks, and I don’t like using friend support servants. This means that I pretty much only care about bonus CEs on the support servants I choose, since they usually never see the front line, anyway. I make exceptions for CQs and whatnot, but I always prefer to use my own servants, whenever feasible.


This is also how DW makes money off of me. Borrowing other people’s Servants isn’t satisfying if I really like that Servant, so I have to get my own copy regardless of how little sense it might actually make.


Heh, solidarity. friend. ;-)

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Having a few Wavers/Merlin with Lunchtime and Drake or other Riders with Mona Lisa is enough.
The rest is all about finding cool heavily grailed servants, so as to enjoy them at their maximum capacity.

All the better with unpopular servants, because they’re so hard to find in that state. Heracles, Jalter? Lift a rock and 100 make an appearance, so I’m not too fond of those.

I don’t have friends.
I only have acquaintances I can mooch Lunchtime and QP off of.

don’t unfriend me plz


Only Lunchtime and Mona Lisa count.
Whenever I’m picking a support and see all these Merlins, Tamamos or Wavers with anything else than Lunchtime (especially during weeks with no event or stuff) I honestly ask myself: Who are you expecting to choose your Servant?

I want to be a bit more specific with mine, a Waver with Mona Lisa is what I hunt down for the most. Since I’m pretty much always in QP hell and just so happens I have some peeps on my support list who gives their Waver Mona Lisa. I love these rando players since my 3-turn comp relies heavily on Waver.

I seek approximately 40% Chaldea Lunchtime / Mona Lisa, 30% Maxed Out Servant with Good CE, and 30% Low Level Active Players.

Lately though, I’ve just been looking for the two former, though. Too many useless Servants showing up in my Support List gets frustrating after a while.

mlb mona lisa when doors farming, waver or occasionally merlin for basically everything else non-events

events, (mlb) drop bonus support/ces or occasionally specific other servants for gimmicky challenge quests shit

Honestly I pretty much exclusively look for whales nowadays. I only marked novelty because it’s the only thing of actual note, but even then I don’t actually care about the e.g. 100 David (but I do appreciate having such on my FL), 100 Arthur, 92 Eric, whatever. Rider/Caster, Support, Anything…, Anchor, and Newbies were also inherently non-factors. Where DV-chan shop CE go, though, those are too just thanks to my filled up FL. Plus at least one is always willing to throw up Personal Lesson if needed, and that’s the only one I need to ask for, so.

In effect, you could say “Other Reasons” because Cu (Alter) and Jeanne and Clay are three of my favorites which supersede the LMS aspect… but I’ve got my own, and enough friends with them, so, yannow. Beyond irrelevant in multiple ways, I can already do as much.

You could also flip the whale thing around and say AOE or ST/both, due to being DPS’, but that’s also relatively irrelevant. In the same turn, it’s not like I’m not accepting of the person with a whaled out SL that exceeds even some of GP’s biggest whales. Still, if it has to be that special, it only seems fair to consider such a category unto itself, no? Least to me.

But that’s a lot of rambling words for a simple answer. Last req I delightfully accepted was someone with a 100 10/10/10 B10 Euryale in ALL. Lol.