[Poll Time] What do you look for in your Friend Support?

Grailed MHXA is good civ.


my own off-event support

nothing notable

Oh that Saber and Surfdred. I’m jelly. Mine are only NP1 and NP0 respectively.

I tend to look for variety on servants or ce. I don’t want to borrow servants only to put them on the backline except if they’re a much needed anchor :fgo_gudako:. Sometimes I find NP2+ Ozy/Drake w/ ML a waste because I wanna use them for decimating casters that aren’t doors :fgo_seiba:.

As for my own support list, I put my favorites there with their recommended CEs. Merlin and Waver takes turns sitting on my caster slot because I dislike puting both on my SL like most ppl do. My other notable caster is Nero, but she’s not fou’d nor max level and skills are all at 1. Both grown up Gil are the only ones worthy of my all slot :fgo_umu:.


saber 2/3rds spooks, 1/3rd 1st gssr

@MUGI oof ow

@sparklez_and_sparkle Just speaking for myself with Ozy always holding ML, if anyone on my FL said “Ozy with [Origin Bullet/BG/etc.] please?” I’d slap that right on him. Especially if @'d. I almost never have BB up but I threw her up just recently for a friend.

If only such were possible to do in game.

actually somewhat random, but I just remembered that the np3 saber roll was actually kinda amazing in its own way

father steps in to deal with any of the son’s dumbass shit


I mean, the message function exists.
“@ kiyoluvr sumo ozy pls?” or w/e, always works out for me. Unless I’m misunderstanding how you mean that?

message function needs a larger character limit though

damn romaji text being too tl;dr

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That’s a pretty inefficient way of going about it though, given there’s no guarantee they’d ever see it.

I mean specifically if there were a way to directly message friends on your list.

And yeah, the character limit is AWFUL, so that might be a challenge at times.

@MUGI Strongly agreed.

Ahh. Yeah, the latter would be preferable. Still, even when having to strain and not knowing someone’s Reddit name or w/e… had little issue. I get it, though.

Just wanted to thank everyone for the responses thus far. I’m not surprised that Mona Lisa Lunchtime are prioritized, but interesting to note that a good number of players have voted for Support (apparently regardless of ML/Lunchtime).

I thought AoE Damage might rank higher based on how players mention it on the forums as a desirable option, but maybe the results are a bit skewed here. If we make the assumption that forums like these are more likely to attract players who are invested in the game (be it with time, money, or both), it might make sense that more voters already have a selection of strong AoE farmers in their own stables.

Normally just a Waver holding lunchtime. Mona Lisa Rider isn’t important on the other hand because I don’t even farm QP doors these days.

I’m covered for the most part in every classes but I’m hampered by my lack of Waver so I kind of need to borrow one if I want to farm something harder than embers/doors.
I also pick him for CQs.

For main story I like to shove the support in the back (holds Lunchtime) and rely on my own servants but I’ll make an exception for bosses.
Hans, Gil caster and a suitable Caster took me through most of Salem.

what i look for/use on others support list?
more often than not, i look for waver/merlin with lunchtime. my waver is bond 10, so i never use him anymore unless it’s for challenging content.

i’d say 75% waver/merlin with lunchtime & 25% rider with mona lisa.

who i put on my support?
waifus… my favorite servant from each class with mlb’d ces that help them out and waver with lunchtime… even if i get skadi, waver won’t move from that spot. he’s more versatile and more widely used by people.

I’m a lucky f2p player with both Waver and Merlin so I don’t need much support servants nowadays, but if i see someone with a servant I rolled for and didn’t get, I usually want to friend them (aka brynhildr, enkidu and da vinci to only name a few)

ive taken a lot of Mona Lisa and lunchtime, so now it’s not a priority anymore. I mostly judge with ‘does this support list make me jelly? yeah? then i’ll use it’

Gameplay wise, I look for ST sabers and lancers bc the gacha gods ■■■■■■ me over with those classes

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I usually go with Merlin/Waver with MLB Lunchtime since I only need bond points. I’d actually go for any servant with basic support abilities as long as they have the MLB Lunchtime CE on them, it’s just that some Merlin usually pops up at the top of my friendlist and the Caster class has the most consistent usage of the MLB Lunchtime CE. So, to save time, I take what’s on the top.

I like to macro free quests and dailies during downtime, so I specifically put support in the back with any bonus CE, usually mona lisa. Though more often I’ll let the macro choose the support too, so I usually leave it on rider for a better chance of mona lisa. (now that so many favorites are reaching bond 10 so soon before dreamfires I’m shying away from lunchtime and starting to wish I’d gotten the mystic code 10% bonus CE instead).

Otherwise usually supports (though maybe less now that I have ozy and Helena for party charging) and occasionally a zerker with kscope since I don’t have really good high rarity zerkers.

used to get annoyed by Lisa and Lunchtime because I need the borrowed Casters to provide better support to my then lackluster servants. Now that I have my own support servants, I mostly borrow DPS for certain difficult quests since my DPS pool is really small and most of the time isn’t really useful at all (Jekyll got 4 grails and is planned to swallow 5 more, so yanno my priority certainly not gameplay :joy:)

now I’m mostly borrowing casters with lunchtime and riders with Lisa on dead weeks. Also working on to get my own MLB Lisa and Lunchtime, so bear with me a little, my friend :joy:

P.S (non-MLB) Kscope Cu Alter is my main FP farmer regardless of event/dead weeks. Don’t ask me, I want to know that myself since most people apparently chooses said Cu-Alter over MLB event-CE Merlin :joy: