Poll: What do you want on Supports for the upcoming raids?

So I got the idea from @takame from my other raid thread.

Basically what CE do you want on your supports ?

  • Point bonus (Royal Icing/Three Anglers/Frozen War Bear) (there’s no point bonus cap, as a reminder).
  • QP bonus CEs, ie, Mona Lisa
  • K-scope for Overcharge on my DPS
  • Golden Carp for crits
  • Other (please comment)

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Here’s a reference of a raid run

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I’m already going to be using a scope on my waver for 50% def down.

I’d kinda like to cut my losses and still get as many points as possible.

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Hmm fair. If you have no QP needs, point bonus may be the way to go.

I still have 500m QP from GilFest due to being mat locked. (Need fangs and chains, mostly.)

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About the same really. I need so many chains, I fed all my chains to Bedi and Nito and now I’m broke. And I’ve been fang broke for so long. I needs a bunch of other mats too.

But I still have QP from my boxes. Plus X-mas lotto’s on the horizon.

Point bonus.

We just left Gilfest and December has another lottery coming up, i still have 300 million left, so event bonus is ideal since my main target is actually the Mats.

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Shop currency CEs or Lunchtime

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Ox-demon king for 1T comp stability :> Other good option is mona lisa. On merlin. Because my strategy kind of depends on him. :fgo_casgilworry:

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Are you on my FL?(sorry too many GPers, can’t keep track) I will have Merlin on my All slot. I haven’t decided what to put on him yet, but he’ll be there.

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I think I am :D Probably? Your IGN was Adel right?

No worries I get it, my memory is kind of shit for no reason

Aaaaand thank you :fgo_ereshlove:

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Yep Adel. And your welcome! :fgo_ereshlove:

Would you like Ox-demon king on Merlin ? Or will bonus CE do?

Oh good, at least one friend will have merlin for Arash when I get tired of kintoki.

I wonder if a ox deamon welding merlin would let me skip okkie / plugsuit for anniversary blonde so I can get the Arash victory lines too :fgo_mordredthink:

Probably not, but I might have to try it at least once :fgo_bbsmile:

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Feel free to @me if you need Ox demon king. I’m thinking bonus but I can put that up too.


I think I actually need to do some math regarding that. :thinking: I did my NP damage calculations assuming I could get Bedi to 300% overcharge, but totally forgot that to do that shakespeare would need a starting NP gauge CE… While also assuming he would hold ox-demon king. :catlie:

Hold up, I’ll check. :fgo_ereshmentarymydear:

EDIT: @Deadsocialskills OKAY I redid my math! Looks like one ox-demon king and 200% overcharge are enough, so Merlin can have any CE :> Thanks again for checking!

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Okay, just checked the calculator and assuming I’m actually using it right, ox deamon merlin plus anniversary is possible to KO at the extreme high end, but merlin with kscope for an extra overcharge on arash is actually a bit higher damage…

:fgo_buster: arash dealing a 2.5 mil KO and living through to the after raid party might be possible after all!

So I might @ you for a few moments with kscope merlin

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That’s great! :fgo_ereshwoah:

Just tell me what CE to put on, when you need it.

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Huh… Interesting…
@EternalIndex Let me know if you want a k-scope on Merlin instead of Ox-Demon. I have enough of them to have a k-scope on both Merlin and Waver, so I can run either CE.

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MLB currency CE, especially 5*.

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Tough question. ML for QP or MLB Points/currency CEs are super useful for those in need.
But for an easier clear, KL on Waver for Def down, Ox-Demon on Merlin and Golden Carp on Skadi are the best imo.
I know I’ll be looking for Skadis with the first options since my comp Ridertoki DSS Waver will destroy the boss anyway.

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