(Poll) Which A + B combo for Female Corrin?


I’m gonna max merge Female Corrin in a bit but am unsure of what to inherit. I’ll leave the build I’ve left untouched (and practically unused) since 2017 for the lolz, I even forgot she was +1, must have come from some 5* focus free summon.

I’m 90% sure I want to keep the Spd boon, but it’s not necessarily set in stone.

I’m considering:

  • DC + Null C-Disrupt
  • DC + Null Follow-Up
  • DC + Lull Atk/Spd
  • Flashing Blade 4 + Null Follow-Up
  • Atk/Spd Solo 4 + Null Follow-Up
  • Different combination/skills (please do comment)

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It’s mostly for general usage, but I guess I could use her for AR-O. I’d say I don’t need anything for any mode, I can always beat Abyssals, I’m at least tier 20.5 for Arena (more than once able to hold 21), 21 for AR (although my average would be 25-26 and most certainly not 27) and at worst 1000-3000 rank for AA. So my merge projects are mostly for fun.

DC + Null C-Disrupt would by far be the most available (I have 3 Nailah Manuals even after foddering 2) and my first instinct, but I’m open to suggestions.

Thank you for your feedback.

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For a tank build there’s no choice but DC.

So b skills…

NFU, NCD and Lull atk/spd are all amazing. I’m going NFU because it’s the only one I have.

Lull atk/spd is best for all gamemodes except ARO, where imo NFU or NCD has a tiny bit of an edge.

NCD is worthless in anything but ARO though…

So NFU for Arena (But I wouldn’t use her there tbh), Lull atk/spd for everything else, any of the 3 for ARO


I’m personally using DC+Vantage… because even with the -7 Atk on foes she still takes big damage against a good portion of enemies so Vantage comes in to deal an attack and potential kill to keep her alive, but DC+NFU, and DC+NCD are both good combo’s along with DC+Lull Spd/Res if you are really willy to go that route


DC + NFU is what I run on Saizo and since Corrin has the same weapon, that would be my choice for her as well


DC/vantage. She has a broadleaf breath with built in -7 atk/spd debuffs. So run with he the inverse build to broadleaf daggers: DC/vantage/def smoke/res smoke. You get to vantage sweep with your+28 atk and enjoy adaptive damage while doing so(currently the only unit in the game who can do that)


It’s not Broadleaf

It’s Saizo’s Star


As @TMFM said, she gets buffed during combat on the stat the enemy has debuffed, doesn’t add Atk based on enemy debuffs, but thank you for your reply.


Ohh ok I had misread that then. I’d still probably say vantage but either null would also be good

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If it had been Broadleaf, the answer probably would have been quite simple. This effect makes it more flexible imo, thus why I’m asking. It seems she’s 100% getting DC, so I’ll probably give her a Nailah either way and keep other DC sources for non-Infantry units, so I’ll probably try out DC + NCD and get other skills later if necessary.

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I personally use DC + Vantage. She can increase her damage output very easly with her PRF/Res Smoke and I also gave her Brazen Atk/Spd as a seal and she can hit really hard.

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Given that gloom Breath acts like a combo dual threaten and B!Micaiah Prf, DC/NFU looks great, and pair her with someone who has Def/Res Ruse to maximize her damage output.

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If you are using her as a serious superunit in ar-o, her best set imo is dc+nfu. High tiers have a lot of impact effects and she doesn’t have the atk to one-shot, she has to double to get those one-rounds.

for pve/whatever general use, I’d probably go special spiral or something. lulls/ncd are pretty unremarkable outside of AR.

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But… but… she’s actually good for Arena. With her refined weapon she scores very well, you don’t need a Duel skill (same as other infantry dragons) and considering you’re always up against 4 units (usually next to each other) it’s very easy to get debuffs around with chills, ploys or a sabotage. That’s my gameplan anyways.

Also, she can be a good counter against L!Chrom

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Well, at the very least I’ll probably use both her and Sheena during their bonus period starting next week.

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I wasn’t @-ed
I feel betrayed

Btw Dc+ Null CD is my choice, since i use it on my corn too

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Atk is a superboon i’d think about it

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Wait I thought she didn’t have enough BST, sorry about that…

She doesn’t. She only has 160 after merges

That’s what I thought… I’m confused now

If she needs a duel skill, then I wouldn’t run her for Arena

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Yeah Duel skills aren’t worth it these days unless you’re a degenerate like me who uses Mira except for maybe Aversa

Regular pool 3-4 star units surpass 175 BST now and can run real A slots