Poll: Which Fire Emblem game (including Heroes & Engage) has the best artstyle?

Faerghast made a video about the different artstyles throughout the Fire Emblem series. It is quite an evolution and there are many recurring artists that worked on multiple games. I wonder which artstyle this community prefers! Vote in the poll below, you can choose up to 2:

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The character portraits play a pretty important part in the series. Some of the older Fire Emblem games only had the portraits and box art to give you an idea of what the characters looked like. Art showing the characters in their entirety usually came later. I should note that I have left out many artist names that also worked on the series. I tried to mention at least those who are mainly responsible for shaping its identity.

Anyway, making this poll took me way longer than I anticipated. So you better be grateful and vote :catknife:


My favorites are Chinatsu Kurahana and Kozaki Yusuke, but i also prefer Yoshiku’s illustration Summer Freyja and Gullveig’s design are peak.

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In my opinion Heroes has the highest quality art overall. But what I like about Shadows of Valentia more is that the art is really coherent and consistent, and the style itself is pretty gorgeous.

Some of the older games didn’t age well tbh. Genealogy is a great game but the art is just awful and all the characters have the same haircuts.


Kozaki and Hidari are my top two favorites for the mainline games, but I have to give it to Kozaki Hidari. While Kozaki has the nostalgia factor in Awakening being my first FE game, I really love the overall aesthetic for Echoes and how well the artwork matches the world.

There’s some really good artwork for Heroes, but it’s too inconsistent (albeit moreso lately).


I voted for Shadow Dragon remake because of Masamune Shirow. Heroes gets the second vote for the many gorgeous pieces.

If I could pick a third option, it would be Kita Senri.


echoes and it’s not even close

hidari made that game beautiful


I like Mika as an artist, but those designs just don’t fit into the rest of the series at all


Wow, I did expect Shadows of Valentia to end up somewhere at the top of the rankings but I wasn’t expecting a landslide victory! Tobin and I approve :feh_tobinice:

Imagine if Hidari is working on the Genealogy of the Holy War remake right now? No, I musn’t… I musn’t give myself hope…


It’s not surprising SoV got 1st place, the armor design, the color palette, the shading to define the lighting, all of these was perfect, so many little details done right. What I’m surprised about is the gba nabbing 2nd place. Funny enough, the shading design to the characters was done right at this point of the series in my opinion (just look at ephraims cape, it indicates he is facing towards the light while at the same time the shadows also indicates suttle movement from the wind) so in a way the gba games started the excellent shading style and SoV perfected it.

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