Poll: Which Lostbelt are you looking forward to the most?

Rules first: Please don’t write any spoilers about future content that hasn’t been released in NA yet in this thread. Or at least hide it and warn others before.

As for me, I’ve at least played through almost all LBs in JP already - without reading the story, because can’t read japanese
But I know about the battles, I know which Servants have an appearance and where it takes place and stuff.

Of course, as of now, at least 2 LBs have yet to be released, so I won’t even include them in the poll, since we can only guess what or who actually will be included there.

If you like, leave a comment and tell us what exactly you are looking forward to in these chapters the most.

  • Lostbelt 3: SIN (China)
  • Lostbelt 4: Yuga Kshetra (India)
  • Lostbelt 5.1: Atlantis
  • Lostbelt 5.2: Olympus

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India, no question. Big focus is on my favorite pair of “rivalry” in Fate being a huge point of the Lost Belt’s favor for me. Probably one of my favorite Crypters and I’ll finally get Lakshmibai.


I want my Roma!!!


Atalantis for sure

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S.I.N or Q.I.N as it seems to say on the screen right now. Honestly interacting with Mordred as an ally again is going to be fun.

atlantis being the lowest :sangry:


SIN, Akuta is the crypter i’m most interested about and the setting is probably my favorite out of all the LB we’ve had so far.

Can I vote for all of them?

I don’t follow JP, so I have no idea what any of them are about, nor what servants are featured in any of them. I have no opinion just based on locations.

QIN. I heard it was written by Gen Urobuchi


Because of sultry servants that must not be divulged…

Just kidding

It’s Y-

SIN to see an old prison guard beat the shit out of servants with his bare hands. Urobutcher being SIN’s writer is another big selling point too.

Funny how everyone calls it QIN.
I got it like this from cirno :fgo_mordredthink:

its both

the country is called qin cause the ruler is qin shi huang

[ 8:49 AM ]

BUT its also called sin cause it stands for

[ 8:49 AM ]

synchroised intelligence nation

and if u wanna get technical, qin can be pronouced as sin as well so tahts double title


Probably because Qin is pronounced “Chin”, so maybe China?



Cant wait for Atlantis.

skip china and india, let them fight. jk

Definitely Yuga Kshetra, Hot Wheels might be the JAP servant I want the most right now (with Odysseus and Roma)…

And let's not forget these two


Hot Wheels! Well, and Godjuna too, I guess. Also, never too much Karna :heart: So it’s LB4 for me :heart:

The Indian epics deserve so much more attention in the West than they have. As of right now, it’s easily the Lostbelt I’m most looking forward to.