Poll: Which Lostbelt are you looking forward to the most?

It’s a toss between Atlantis and Olympus. Was hard to decide for I loved how both ended because of how heart wrenching it got. I still get hit with the feels whenever I look back at what :fgo_buster: and [REDACTED] did in their respective Lostbelt :fgo_ereshdistress:

I ultimately decided to vote for Olympus due to [REDACTED]'s fate hits me way harder. As much as I love the cast of Atlantis, my favorite servant still takes the top for me no matter how sad it is. :fgo_nitocry:

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Because I want to be left a broken, sobbing mess witnessing

Wilhelm go down like a champion and crushing Lakshmi’s home and people that much.

I’m pretty sure China isn’t called “China” for that reason

Yeah, I’m not really sure about Qin being China, just a wild guess.

Maybe Qin dynasty or something? Eh, dunno…

Actually, I believe that is the leading theory on why it’s called China.

Me and my bois prepare for CN lostbelt

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It is also thought that the ultimate source of the name China is the Chinese word “Qin” (Chinese: 秦), the name of the dynasty that unified China but also existed as a state for many centuries prior. There are, however, other alternative suggestions for the origin of the word.

Qin, in my case. That one’s story is written by Gen Urobutcher, so expectations are high. Practically not interested in the servants and characters appearing in LB4-5.2, so that’s easy to vote.

I’m most looking forwards to 6 actually, but 3 because I need to beat the prologue of it to compete in Case Files lol

I don’t know anything about any future LB, but I know greek mythology /history waaay better than Chinese and Indian mythology/history so I’m bound to understand more references which will make it overall more enjoyable. (I get more out of circe’s interlude than arjuna for the same reason)

Atlantis is probably just a metaphor of Plato rather than a real place, so I don’t know what they’ll do for that.

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The crew and the the experience

The crew was the best. My friend, Orion’s last moments, Charlotte, Jason and the rest of the crew. All of them had their moments. And each of them played their roles as heroes in each of their last stands. Getting wrecked by Wodime. The hopelessness in the end. Atlantis is just a rollercoster of emotions.

Yuga Kshetra

The power scales

Are off the charts. Godjuna and Super Karna going at it in their full glory would be a sight to behold. I just love the ‘brokeness’ of this singularity. ’

I love Urobutcher’s writing style, so SIN I would also probably love.

Olympus. Exhausting but fulfilling. The Lostbelts and Crypters given more context. Climax of the lostbelts so far.

Can’t wait for all of them (and the quartz).

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I don’t know much about any of them since I’ve been avoiding spoilers. I voted for Olympus because I like Caenis. But now that I know Urobutcher wrote SIN I might change my mind.

I cant wait to start saving up for fatass cutie in india lostbelt

I’m not considering story (cause I’m already spoiled) my choice is 5.2 just for Dioscuri and ROMA I find them really cool and really like their gimmicks. ROMA is just funny in concept and Dioscuri I mean just look at that first skill

While the servant I am most waiting for is kind of a forerunner to the Indian LB; I have to say The Olympus LB is the one I’m most looking forward to at the moment.

I absolutely love Greek Mythology and the sheer size and scope make LB5 appear just too epic for me to wait!

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i mean
yea no its a real place here

its even the same year as plato’s atlantis and all

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I’ve got a lot of recording plans for that Lostbelt.

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