(Poll) Which one should Camus feast upon?

He’s gotta get one of them, the other one is to be decided. Atk Smoke + full Trace would be delicious though, although I don’t really intend to use Trace with him, but it could be fun for more solos.

Here’s a video of his performance if it helps you help me make the choice, I think both could work nicely on him. Remember that this is about the Smoke 4, not the extra skill.

Thank you very much.


fellow camus


He’s one the units I’ve had the most fun with. Quite underrated if you ask me. That build works marvelously.


If using him for PvE Spd Smoke is stronger; for PvP Atk Smoke is stronger

You got a Spd build so Atk Smoke will mainly be for blocking forced follow ups, and those are rare in PvE settings but common in PvP

(Also if you’re willing to wait a bit NY Lyre should be on the next DSH so you can get Catch 4 and Smoke 4 off Lilith)