(Pool) What servant did you put on your support list?

  • Best DPS/Support Servant
  • Favorite Servant
  • Didn’t put any servant in support list
  • Level 1 1/1/1 Mash only

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Mine is Best DPS/Support i have in my roster

I usually go with best in class, but sometimes I just go with favorites for a change of pace. Support is the only place you can show off in game after all


I use a complicated algorithm of best DPS/ most useful to most of my friends/ and favorites to determine who I put up.

Then I say ■■■■ it and put up whoever I feel like.


Aside from my Skadi at 10/10/10 with 2030, I put whoever is getting some kind of FP bonus (Stay Night right now) or my favorites.

Some of my favorites get a lot of use because they’re not part of the meta.

I mean… usually my best dps unites are my favorites.
Merlin would be my favorite support, but I can’t deny the usefulness of Skadi.

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A bit of both favorites & dps servants.

Prime example is my lvl90 10/10/10 Salieri. He “borrows” the spot in extra from Hokusai but he rarely ever sees usage from friends whereas Hokusai can net me 2000 or so FP a day(whether it’s a lot or not I can’t say but since I don’t have Waver/Skadi I don’t see crazy amounts of FPs in one login.)


I’m sure I do what most do, pick Grailed favourites (Bride/Kiara/Jalter), useful AoE types (Raikou/Gilgamesh), good NP picks (NP2 Enkidu) and supports (Skadi/Waver).


My favorites, i don’t have a reason to put good servant on it or servants that are the best at one job, i just like to share the servants that i like with the people, that make that when you see that someone used your servants you feel special

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I’m somewhere between best dps/support and favorite.
I try to put up servants that I like but that are also useful.



In case that’s helpful for anyone, though it’s old.


As for me, favorites all the way. :boom:

But there are a few exceptions: Tammy since she isn’t quite as common these days and Waver to help out those new peeps.

There are also times where a rarely seen servant gets an event bonus so I put them up for people to try them out. Osakabehime with Halloween for instance. It’s nice giving them a time for variety’s sake, you know.


I’m too poor to have anything worth borrowing so I just put up what makes it look like I know what I’m doing :catface:


I just put up whatever I think people would actually want to use, which means supports or servants with batteries. Superscopes on the ones that don’t fit either description.


My favorites.


Void shiki and Waver are kinda permanent in my SL.

I put Cu Alter and King Hassan because nowadays I rediscovered my love for facecardings and solos.


I’m a poor F2P so I only place that what I can muster :catcry:

So pretty much all Lizzys and friends.


I definitely play favorites, but I try to offer a decent variety of roles while including some less common options for fun.

I sometimes mix up the All slot, but I usually won’t put up two big supports at once. Always having some combination of Skadi, Merlin, and Waver up gets boring, so I rarely do that anymore except for certain events.

When Castoria comes, I’ll be sad…perma-Skadi/perma-Castoria slots. Taking down Skadi would hurt many players who failed to (or chose not to) roll Castoria, so I’ll almost certainly leave her up as well.


I have I think four permanent member at least in my FL :

  • Okita because favorite
  • Waver for best support
  • Fran because favorite and she needs more love. With MLB kaleido
  • BB : (the OG) Because she need more love too

Other than that, sometimes, I change my support.
Planned to change my Endiku for best Oni summer but she need to be fully lvl and max skilled before.


Recently noticed that I have only one SSR on display. It’s not a caster.


Your Helena is looking mighty beautiful though