(Pool) What servant did you put on your support list?

I want to remove that farm CE so bad and give her back her scope -_-


Most of mine are grailed favorites or just I love the character more. I’ve been fortunate that I can field 5*s in every category…buuuuuut I still like to put up my favorites. So like if a friend needs a specific support or dps, I’ll change it. Most common one I get asked for is if someone wants to use my Mordred (who is NP5) or even more common (hilariously enough) my Bedivere…who I kiiiiiiinda instantly took to 100 and maxed out after I completed Camelot.
I could field Holmes or Abby instead of XX, or Jack instead of X or a whole slew of other servants than the ones I have here…but these are my favorites.


Combination of favorite and best. Not that I have too many options per class for now, though.

I always hesitate between Lv 90 Euryale and Gil for the archer spot, though. I like Euryale a lot but Gil is more helpful, I guess. If I decide to max grail Euryale in the future, she will take the spot permanently.


Just keep your Waver up friend :fgo_medealove:


Favorite aside from Caster supports. Hijikata/Musashi and soon QSH will be in their respective slots permanently.

(If you seen them changed, you know something happened to me :fgo_think:)

For the most part, I try to put the most useful Servant I have in each category.

And then there’s the Black Grail lvl 100 10/10/10 Tomoe in Archer and Another Ending lvl 90 9/9/10 Sitonai in Extra…

i use your servants bro
i probably know every ssr you have :fgo_gudako:

i chuckle when i see people used one of my servants

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Its a mix of gameplay effectivity and favoritism for now. I mostly go with useful faves on every class aside from the Caster and All slots as I want those to at least be beneficial supports for my FL. There probably will be changes here and there when I get some badly wanted units and enough grails to max most of my support list though…

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I’d say throw up your Euryale. There are plenty of maxed Gils out there. Not very many lvl 90 Euryales.



Or at least till I get Castoria…


For events, usually just whoever is useful

For normal, my favorites and support casters

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People don’t put their favorites up? Like to show off your favorites is what I though the main support list was for. To not do so I like to grail a servant to 100 and never use them again. A waste really.




Yeah, you are probably right, less competition with all those Gils. And she may be useful for new players struggling with male saber bosses.

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I have a problem in that I’m planning to keep grailing Extra class Servants…want more slots :frowning: All slot only works until Castoria.


the freakin dream dude.


I have two casters and two extras I really want out there. In those THREE available slots.

I would pay a grail to swap my serk slot to caster 2.


A support Euryale carried me through Camelot. She was only 70, but had max skills. Add her to my level 40 Euryale with 4/4 skills and we brought Hell to the Knights of the Round Table.

She was an expensive low rarity servant at the time (I got some good SSR and SR luck early on so priorities were imbalanced), and I somehow got all my copies but one during Babylonia.

I’ve only been playing since Apocrypha, so as a fairly new player I think those low-rarity game-changing servants are a much bigger deal than the meta servants.

It would be cool if we could tip some additional friend points or a portion of the QP at the end of a boss fight.

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Same. Unless there’s a Salter berzerker or a Kagetora berzerker, I don’t think I’ll ever grail a berzerker.

Let me use that slot as something else dw!!!


It depends. In general I want to put my best up, but what does that mean? I kind of prefer giving people access to more obscure good characters. For instance, I WAS going to keep Tamamo up until my Thanksgiving rolls went dog and I delayed her for a year.