Poor man's superscope

So I do not have a mlb kaleidoscope, waver, or any of the tier 1 skadi loopers. All I got is a np 1 zerkerlot so the only way I can get him to full charge is to sacrifice a leonidas, charge everyone’s np by 20 when he dies, and then begin the 3 turn skadi loop. Both the mages code and the 2004 code work with this setup.

Anyone else have budget ways that you skadi loop? I know arash is always an option and then 2 turn skadi loop but it’s just not as satisfying or fulfilling.


You can use Helena to make up the difference in NP charge, further buff Lancelot’s Quick, and clear a wave of her own if you have her. Not DSS, but still 3T. No sacrificing or plugsuit necessary as long as Lancelot can hit the required damage on his waves.


That’s a nice idea, unfortunately I do not have Helena either XD.


Shakespeare is a budget option I suppose, but seems pointless when MCs exist.

Front: Spartacus (40-50% charge), Arash (60% charge/scope/IA), Chen Gong (40-50% charge)
Back: Rental Waver, Para, Mash/Event servant

Wave 1: Chen Gong S2, Arash S3, Arash bomb, Waver comes in
Wave 2: Chen Gong S3 on Spartacus, Spartacus S2 and S3, Waver S2 and S3, Spartacus bomb
Wave 3: Waver S1 on Chen Gong, Chen Gong chucks Spartacus on enemy. If enemy survives, use plugsuit before NP to call in Para to buff Chen Gong’s Arts and NP gain. If the enemy still survives, at least it would be 5T farm.

There are some examples here with Lancelot, Skadix2 and Paracelsus:

If you have either of the Halloween Devil or Sapphire CEs you could try that.
The only other budget option I’m aware of is the Xmas 2021 CE that boosts Quick and NP gain.

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Arash the first wave
Give Lancelot a damage CE, like BG
Use his 3rd skill and the 2004 3rd skill turn 2 along with Skadi’s 1&3 ofc, he should refund 100% and do 100k to each target
Use Skadi’s 2nd and the 2004 1st turn 3, he’ll do over 200k to each target
It’s what I’ve been using to farm soap and mine is NP1 as well :fgo_umu:


You are giving me ideas for the good boi at NP2…

Lvl 100 Supper because Queen of Skye isn’t lored, yet, will get around to that come Summer 2. 2004 is only at lvl 5 right now -


Just shows how much stupid damage BG adds, even at NP1


Yeah, I’m looking forward to those big meme-numbers once I can safely slap lvl 100 BG on him. :fgo_gudako:

I noticed that I could even get away with letting him loop through hands even with just lvl 5 2004 MC, hence skipping the Arash-express entirely…will need to try that later today.

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Thanks for this post, I’ll be definitely using this setup once I get Berserkerlot, since he’s the only one I’m missing

And this is my skadi system. Working pretty well with np1 Parvati so far… Just much higher rng than dss. Still need to try it with np3 zerkalot, but I’m hopeful that the damage will be there. Might need plugsuit and paracelsus for gain though without 2nd skadi, or 2004 for turn w/o zerkalot gain skill

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