Possible CDs this year

With Gible shiny released before time, Litwick being a current raid boss and all the Porygon changes Niantic has done, I think it’s time to open the debate.

As I said I’m farming one Litwick per day, I could get well prepared for it. After the disastrous Gengar experience. I had I’m not evolving anything that could get obsolete and I don’t need ghost or fire attackers now, what I have gets the job done. I don’t like that Niantic a pokemon have to be evolved at their time or it will be obsolete of you evolve before and I’m accumulating them in great amounts. I’m accumuating Porygons just in case and more possible caandidats.

They aren’t a very common pokemon, have locked shiny variant and their moves could improve more: Chandelure with EDIT: some status ghost attack converted to offense, Porygon and Tri Attack or Hydreigon and better moved to raise as Metagross, unless they get the Mamoswine/Mareep treatment and useless movents.

Will Gible get CD anyway? Can Porygon get with their ackward evolution way? I’m certainly sure Chandelure will be a potential target and I hope.

The Porygon evolution line is a huge personal favorite, and their shinies look amazing, so I’m really hoping we see a Porygon Community Day.

Hopefully Tri-Attack would end up being a 3-bar move. Combined with Lock-On, that could make Porygon-Z fun to use.

The evolutions requiring two separate items does make the process a bit more awkward, but that can be pretty easily handled by making the typical CD research tasks (*catch X Porygon) reward Upgrades and Sinnoh Stones.

Just a heads up, Chandelure has no chance to improve on the Ghost side unless they go the Charm route and make Spite or Confuse Ray a Fast Move. It can‘t learn Shadow Claw (or Lick for that matter). On the Fire side, there‘s potential for improvement though, in the form of either Inferno or Incinerate. And I‘d be up for a strong Tri Attack Charge Move for P-Z, it deserves better than being stuck with one-bar moves. It may not be it‘s signature move, but P-Z is definitely the most well known user of it.

You can TM your Gengars to Shadow Claw now.

The problem is I can’t TM transfered pokemon :sob:

Oh I see your the one who transferred 98 Hex Gengar

That’s why I keep my outdated Pokemon sometimes, like Hex Gengars, Psychic Metagross etc and I get rewarded in the future

I think if Normal type moves had insane stats like Frenzy Plant and company or above they could compensate their incapacity to hit supereffectively with DPS close enough to an optimal counter, Tri Attack could have awesome stats and be viable in raids without need of preparing a full specialiced team, but sightly below to not make obsolete the other options.

Normal type is effectively a bad plastic Dragon type, but Dragons cover themselves, are resisted by one less type and the stat difference between most Dragons and Normals is extreme. I almost think they were made to be intentionally useless seeing its candidats.

I used Showdown to see the movepool and it seems that Chandelure does in fact not learn Shadow Claw. What happened is I had it selected before searching its Ghost moves and appeared on the list. But searching again from zero and everything unmarked Shadow Claw is not in their pool. Sorry.

There’s Regigigas’ Giga Impact. I pull it out whenever I can during Partly Cloudy.

I hope no porygon CD. Being unable to hit for SE anything, will make similar interest like Slakoth. I dont see any reason to use unoptimal counter. Or maybe they just put some PvP treatment on him…

Fear the corrupted dukBot!

that would make it so great, I got a QA/Dis porygon a few days before the lock on add (was a bit sad to see QA isnt its best move, but I can hope!) and if Z gets better, that’d be sooooo awesome.

Sadly, it cant get that, but im not sure what could make it better, if anything even could short of a new move being added, its already got its best sets of both typings it can learn.

Personally, i’d love to see Power Trip Krookodile, but im thinking they might start giving more 2 stages CD’s, hoping volcarona gets a day

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Dodrio would like a word with you

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Unless it‘s a fun set, nobody in their right mind plays Dodrio with special attacks, since it only has a 60 Special Attack base (compared to it‘s 110 Attack and also access to Swords Dance)

Whoa, is Dodrio ever played some time? I thought eklinka said it for the pun.

Tri attack would need to be made into a strong three bar charge move and a balanced pvp/rocket battle move. Lock on generates energy fast, but porygon isn’t bulky like the regis so having a move that doesn’t take as much energy to charge would be a good thing.

That being said, I was always rather annoyed that Porygon was made a normal type because they didn’t know where to put it. It’s a man-made pokemon that consists of data, there’s nothing normal about this. The electric type would suit better IMO.

As of the current topic. I think that Rhydon and Porygon will be the first two non starter CDs in 2020. They’re more or less the only candidates left from the first 4 gens.
I guess if rock wrecker and tri attack get datamined we’ll know.


Porygon>Porygon Z with a 2 or 3 bar charge move (Tri attack maybe). They’d do something similar to the Mamoswine CD for evo items.
Rhyhorn>Rhyperior with a 2 bar charge move (Rock Wrecker). Same as Porygon for Sinnoh stones.
Gible>Garchomp with Earth Power or Draco Meteor. This may not happen anymore due to shiny Gible being available now.
Piplup and the Gen 5 starters.

As for the rest, usually after the most recent starters, they go to the next Grass and Fire starter before the year ends. That would mean Chespin and Fennekin from Gen 6, which is very unlikely due to the sheer amount of Gen 5 Pokemon remaining. Some alternatives could be:



For years, Porygon has been unfairly blamed for a shock actually caused by Pikachu. Hence I doubt that it would get a CD, but you never know…#JusticeForPorygon.

Looking forward to Rock Wrecker!


Tri-attack was a normal type move, meaning it only used the attack stat for the first three games and was much more readily available than porygon lol just thinking back i saw a lot more tri attacks from dodrio because you saw more of them. Also it does status effects gen 2 and up.

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Could Cranidos get a CD?

Cranidos and other fossil mons are more likely to be part of a weekly event. Usually they have one around earth day. So far the only mon featured in a CD that only has one evolution is pikachu. That was the first CD kind of a test run and, its pikachu. I thought burmy would be a (kinda boring) candidate but its shiny was just released in the last event.