Possible CEs Choices to go for, (MAINLY) For Buster Servants

I have a bit of a dilemma, being gacha and event CE drop rates I swear.

So to run down my start date, I rolled for my first proper (not including Grand-) SSR being Sigurd: my main favorite servant that I want to consider getting gacha/event reward CEs for.

I missed out on the (I believe) the first quarter of events in 2021. I couldn’t / wouldn’t want to waste any more overcap’d AP so I rushed through the campaign.

TLDR: I don’t have Aerial Drive. I am missing on a SINGULAR copy of Beautiful Dreamer. I didn’t really consider rolling for CEs but @AlastairHale kinda broke that barrier by encouraging a spendedge or two on Mark of a Smiling Face MLB lv funny number thank you.

I don’t have any of the big boi Super Scopes, Black grails, insert CE name MLB here.

Any help? Ideas? Thoughts? Guides to possible Unga Bunga Buster/noice CEs that could be obtained relatively easily?

I plan on rolling more on Sigurd’s Rate Ups due to wanting to ST anything and everyone. I will be rolling for Summer Bryn for possible Honey Lake MLB and Psuedo Support thingswhich seems fun with burn CCs, rolling for Castoria, possible Himiko, and Douman…

Thanks for reading, much appreciated:

Probably. I’ll check back whenever possible.


It is a way off but a strong pick is “Stitching for your Beloved One”.

Free CE from the Little Big Tengu event that has:

Increase NP damage by 15%.
Increases critical damage of Buster Cards by 20%.
Start battle with 50% NP charge.
2000 Attack at level 100

For gacha CEs the strongest option is “Summer Anniversary” from FGO’s 6th Anni.

It is sadly gacha only, but it is on the same banner as the next big Buster support and it brings:

Increases Buster card performance by 10%.
Increases Buster card critical damage by 20%.
Starts battle with 60% NP gauge.
2000 Attack at level 100

Both are really strong and would benefit most Buster servants.


Bout time they had the Buster ‘equivalent’ to Knights of Marines.

Making Double Merlin more relevant, if you need a single swipe of super high damage only.



I feel like the Stitched CE would be the best bet as I could save the amount of Quartz spent on Gacha. Regardless, I appreciate the input in helping decisions. Sigurd is 2k and 100 so I want to make the most of him, as well as getting his proper significant other into the mix. Here’s hoping though.


You’re welcome!

You will probably spend it anyway tbh, the banner for Summer Anniversary also incluses the next Big Buster support which has a lot of things Sigurd loves.

Cooldown reduction, Star Absorption of Buster Cards, Instant stars and Battery.


yeah… can’t wait for that. Xd


There are a couple of 4* holdovers you might have for use in the interim, like Gem Magecraft: Antumbra (30% crit) or Verdant Sound of Destruction (20% Buster), but none of them will hold a candle to Stitching or Summer Anniversary. It’ll be worth keeping an eye out for Victor of the Moon from the general pool as you pull on anything as well.

If you tend towards slowplay, you can afford to run some strictly worse CEs in exchange for more niche effects, like Hero on the Beach, Poolside Bar or Knight’s Dignity for a budget option, but Hero on the Beach is likely gone forever and unless you have designs on the Merlin banner at the Summer 4 rerun, Poolside Bar won’t be far behind.


They already had that. It even came around 2 times within the past 8 months or so.

The new one is better.

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Ah, this one in particular I wouldn’t know of because I didn’t MLB it and never thought to look it up.

Classic case of grass being greener on the other side, but being satisfied with what was alreadyhere.

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For a long time KoM was my only quick starting CE because I couldn’t get more than 4 copies.

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How does Honey Lake compare to “Stitching for your Beloved One”? I ask due to how far out the Ce is, Honey Lake is roughly 6-7 months from now and the aforementioned Ce is released around late January , for someone with very little in terms of Ce’s would it not be wise to roll for a MLB Honey Lake? Especially due to @ProbablyAParrot’s interest in both Sigurd and Bryn, however in this case it’s Summer Bryn.

He does have 3 BG’s and a couple scope’s but that is about it in terms of go to Ce’s from the Gacha.

Here are some lesser useful Ce’s he has but still hold value -

  • MLB - A Walk in the Park
  • Single Copy - Partake with the King
  • Round and Round
  • MLB Goddesses of the Glittering Snow
  • MLB Demonic Sun Princess (to off set not having Aerial Drive or any other 50% Buster Ce with NP Strength and full Attack values) his is almost maxed so the bump in attack stat does help as well but again this is more so a bandaid for the time being.

I am unsure what else he has in terms of Ce’s for his Sigurd but these are likely his BEST options, which is why setting him up with a solid Ce that he will get a good amount of mileage out of was something I figured I couldn’t help with alone. Another reason why the forums is a great asset to the FGO community.


Stitching having 50% starting gauge makes it automatically versatile. It has a slightly odd combination of effects IMO, but it’s hardly bad.

Honey Lake is potentially great, especially if you need Ignore Invincibility, but pairing it with Burn CCs is essential, and good old BG still does more than fine when NP damage is the focus.


The hell
Is talking
First Sunrise?

It’s pure Atk CE and when it comes to servants with type 1 and type 3 buffs only (e.g. Gil, pre-buff Drake, Nero Caster) it actually outperforms Aerial Drive

Also it’s on 20m DL banner, so if one wants to roll for waifu, they can get 2nd best starting charge CE for buster (AD is the best one) as well


I think it’s forgotten because so many players have gotten AD for free and because it’s one of many generically useful starting charge CEs.

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Bring back Beautiful Dreamer so I can MLB it on my main account, you cowards!


I feel your pain…

I was still very new to FGO at that time. I remember farming a lot for the shop and not getting a single CE drop. PAIN!

Demonic Sun-Princess is free and will serve everyone’s NPs well (50 gauge/15 np dmg/20 arts crit).

If you want Musashi or one of the others on 20M First Sunrise is close to AD in NP ampage and better for cards. But AD will come back late next year for free.

If we get the Prillya Movie banner this year (presuming they actually release it in cinema then get the blu-ray out; cinema distributor hasn’t said a thing since announcing they were going worldwide August last year) Magical Girl of Sapphire will come back and is a top 50% starter choice (50 gauge/30% np gen up).

Himiko’s Guda event this year has (free) 50 charge/20 buster crit/15 crit but is mixed stats.

Stitching comes free in a year (buster flavoured HNS sidegrade; 50 charge/15np dmg/20 buster crit), 6th anni has 60 gauge/10buster/10 crit in gacha, Halloween next year reruns free Aerial Dive (50 gauge/10buster/10np dmg) and NY 2024 brings 50 gauge/10buster/15star bomb in the gacha.

Imo the only thing really worth rolling for is MGoS and the 6th anni+NY 2024 CEs.
Latter is a Golden Carp sidegrade and the only charge+star bomb in the gacha. Middle is there for Servants like post-buff Gray and Salter.
Former is nice loop consistency - but a slightly inferior version is handed out free for Christmas 2023 (50 charge/20np gen/20healing up) and Arts gets the Summer 6 CE free (50 charge/8arts/15np dmg). And tbh Kscope will do a better job if you need to get around 2/1/1 enemy waves or whatever.

You’ll get what you need free eventually, or rolling for Vitch Light & Vitch Dark.


I completely forgot about MGoS! I have three copies of that CE so I’ll aim to max it. Much appreciated nonetheless for the input. :V

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I have nothing to add here but just wanna say I keep misreading this title as “possible CE choices for MANLY buster servants”


I was going to say the same thing.