Possible grail unit to build?

I realized I have quite a few grails on my hands now (2,100), and since I’m going to be waiting to summon for a long while now, I figure I should take some time to build up some units.

For grail units, I already have copies of Aversa and Young Azura that I want to train up for general purposes, but I thought about whether or not there was a unit I wanted to build personally to make the most out of the Grails. Then it hit me: Black Knight.

Black Knight is one of my favorite villians in Fire Emblem and I’ve been interested in building him up, but I’ve left that off to the side since I’m not too big on armors and I already have a +DEF -SPD Zelgius I’m currently using for missions. However, since I’d like to try and finish up the Chain Challenges , and since I already have a hard time getting through some armor quests with the ones I have, I’m considering the investment more. How beneficial would a +10 Black Knight be? Is it worth the investment or should I save up for something else?

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Forget him, do Arden!


BK… :feh_bkhaha:

He’s still pretty good, even if he’s been around for a while. If you’re only looking for a good red sword armor, I’d wait till they release someone new, but if you genuinely like him, by all means, go for it. He won’t disappoint ya.


Pretty beneficial, in my opinion at least.


Just for the heck of it, I’m actually working on Camus right now, where I’m currently going towards this particular build. I recently pulled Duo Ephraim (-ATK, +HP) that I might not really use, so I plan on inheriting Heavy Blade 4 and Lull Atk/Def 3 to Camus in order to complete my plan on making him into the ultimate Galeforce cavalier. That is, I was lucky enough to get such resources to beef up this guy in comparison to the average player.

As for you, I think the best Heroic Grail unit to start working on is probably Black Knight. I think everybody knows that he is one of the few characters who has access to the busted Black Luna, as well as being an armor with access to superior defenses along with exclusive skills that can render him a genuine threat with the right build. If anything, Black Knight has more potential than Zelgius in terms of stats, that is unless you have one at +10.

On top of that, Black Knight is more accessible through using Heroic Grails, albeit takes a lot of time, but since you already got all the stuff you need to build him and all that, he can instantly overpower most armor units unless you fight against whales on Aether Raids or Arena. All in all, I think he’s worth it since you already have the stuff you need to max him out from the get-go, unless you need feathers for that other stuff. But yeah, it’s really all up to you though ~

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Depends on what you want and what you want to use them in. Black Knight is decent for general play but armor effective weapons aren’t exactly rare to encounter, not to mention (red) armored units in general not being that great in Raids (unless their mixed bulk is akin to that of Idunn’s or something).

Black Knight has Black Luna, and Alondite, but his resistance is very bad, even at max merges and full investment.

But if he’s one of your most liked characters then there’s nothing stopping you. He’s still a pretty good unit as far as physical bulk is concerned, and, like mentioned, his Black Luna is insane.


I wouldn’t recommend investing in armors. They continue to get worse and worse as the years go by. While black knight’s special is a good one, as a unit, he sucks and even infantries are better than him. I never thought it was worth it 6 months ago, and it’s even less so now. I realize he’s listed as tier 1, but I would take that with a grain of salt.

Aversa, I would say, should be one of your first merge projects. She’s just too useful in every possible mode. Unlike a lot of units, her bst is not her primary feature so she’ll probably be relevant for a long time.

Kronya is a good project if you don’t have a tank or sweeper.

Little Azura is good too.

Winter Cecila doesn’t have as many problems as Black Knight. Being a dagger and colorless does make her better. But honestly, I don’t see much benefit over someone like Matthew at the end of the day.

Yes, it depends of what you want, there are different kinds of roles and builds for many of the units.

I’d, however, leave my two grail characters so far built, Aversa and Rinea:

  • Rinea: has a fairly balanced statline and can take on a fairly good arramge of roles, she’s a refresher too so she can support at least a little. Since you have Y!Azura I’ll also recommend you think who you like more and/or what’d aid your team the most :feh_birbpeek:.
  • Aversa: she’ll primarily be a debuffer and has great use for it, she’ll get a high amount of HP to inflict the debuffs on adjacent enemies with HP less than 3 of what she has atm.
    And because you have copies of her I recommend her more over Rinea, but your call :+1:.

Sure, you can also take the BK, he could serve well on PvE and maybe a little PvP, but armor killers are somewhat common, I’d recommend trying to look if the other units are interesting :feh_birbpeek:


Some other cool things about Aversa

  1. There are no 4* red tome flyers. She’s the only one, making her pretty special.
  2. She has the highest bst amount among red tome flyers currently. Not a bad place to be. Her statline is also decent.
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Yes!, and also her PRF will inflict [Panic] and -3 to all stats until the next turn to any enemy adjacent to other but only thoses with Enemy's current HP <= Aversa's current HP + 3 :+1:.

Wanted to note that, since [Panic] debuffs stack the effect can be pretty useful for a strong stat reduction, specially if the target team relies on buffs.

Oh and she’s a popular unit for [AR-D] because of the debuff, having fortress advantage will help her even further :feh_kleinyes:

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Don’t forget, Aversa is also Matthew’s best partner :wink:

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:feh_thinkinglikelukas: that’s right, or any [Broadleaf Fan+] user :feh_rein: Saizo’s refine must be something with these debuffs :feh_reinthink:

…I’m sensing a lot of advocacy for Aversa. XD

I’ll definitely train up my Aversa then, but I don’t think I’ll +10 her just yet; I’ll look to see how she performs without merges first in PvE. Guess I’ll put Black Knight on the back burner as well, and since I have Sylvia, PA!Inigo, and HS!Micaiah I guess I don’t need Young Azura right now.

I also have a +ATK Matthew and +ATK Saizo if it would help to build them up as well, Gunnthra I feel would have a field day on that kind of team. I have 130K feathers, so literally anything is in the ballpark if it would help.

If I decide to go with Aversa, I can get her up to +3 with the copies I have already., but I’m skeptical with spending my feathers. Would Aversa still be able to perform in PvE with a single copy? I’m not too focused on PvP until I can get a couple more units trained and I can start summoning again.

For PVE, you honestly don’t need any merges. Use your feathers for AR and Arena.

In PvE… Most enemies reach well over 50-60 HP, no point in trying to Panic them :feh_tooobin:

She can hold her own in combat though.

Heh, she seems to be the g00d choice of the ones you’re willing to invest on :eyes:.

Hm alright!, in PvE she’ll be great and you can try her out this way to see how debuffs work and are effective.

And yes, when you have other refreshers there’s no immediate need for another one, another reason to recommend Aversa.

She’ll perform fairly well!, just give her HP boosters, teach her the weapon and she can be on the back debuffing when she can :+1:

Also, if you are looking for red sword units to merge up, my two favourite ones are male corrin with his refine and seliph with his refine. I highly recommend investing in either of these. Male Corrin is super good as a support hero. Seliph is basically immortal in pve or arena. Also good in AR-D. Seliph has single-handedly ran out the clock on my astra defense team against a lot of opponents.

I think I’ll stick with Aversa for now and see where it goes, I’d love to build either a Seliph or Male Corrin but I don’t know if their boons are worth it (+Atk and +Spd, respectively).

Right now, the big thing I’m looking for are units that are able to help me get past the PvE maps, like Chain Challenges, the Abyssal GHBs and Blessed Gardens. I might want to focus on Aether Defense sometime in the future, but I want to save up some resources so I can +10 Gunnthra and plan out some summons in the long run.

Male corrin’s boon depends on who you pair him with and what chills you’d like him to soak. As a unit, he doesn’t attack, so just having him at 5* and refine is actually a good start. You can change the boon later on no problem.

Seliph wants +Atk. But you’ll get more copies of him. He’s not rare to pull.

Both of these units can help in PvE honestly. Take a look at Seliph’s pref - he has +5 atk/def and Miracle special active all the time if he has over 1 hp. If you pair him with a healer, he probably never dies :)

Male Corrin can buff another unit to do some tanking, which is also helpful in pve. Imagine Male Corrin supporting Surtr or Legendary Tiki - what pve map is going to kill surtr like that? :) Not much.

Ooooh that does give me some ideas! I don’t know if it would work, but I could train a Male Corrin and have my +10 Mathilda do some tanking with cavalry buffs and regular buffs. Probably not as dramatic as Surtr or Legendary Tiki like you said, but maybe in a similar vein XD

So Aversa, Male Corrin, Seliph, maybe a Saizo or Matthew. Got quite a bit to choose from! XD