Possible Idea for Mjolnir

I dunno but these possible ideas popped in my head for Mjolnir, would be paired with +10 Galeforce NY!Lethe.

The rally is just for scoring and I have available to give her potentially. The only things missing would be the choice of sword and Galeforce. Since I’ve been apprehensive given I really like her prf and the Wo Dao effect would go to waste with Galeforce when using the prf. So I dunno should I go for it?

Although it would require dipping into my Ashnard feather funds currently which needs 160k but have 162k so I have no extra outside that fund currently :feh_elisad:

Also it would move Mia’s location opening up Ashnard to be Mordecai’s eventual partner for the bottom left.

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I would only fodder to her if you’re really having trouble in MS.

Otherwise they do look pretty good especially the first one, just make sure they’re the active part of the pair for each start turn

Also she’ll only need the rally if she’s the higher scoring pair, and a +6 wouldn’t score that well :feh_marththink:


So NY!Lethe needs it since +10?

Also it might be better than current which has my double galeforcers up top as NY!Lethe and Echidna (running Firesweep, SS3, NFU, TP, FB seal). Which share color, and other Galeforce (Cavs or Fliers) don’t work as well if Lethe hogs the heavy blade seal.

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I agree with Nobody, if she has Time Pulse already then fine.
But don’t fodder her precious/rare skill like Time Pulse just for Mjolnir Strike it is neither worth it or necessary. :feh_edelsmug:

Slaying edge/Galeforce are just feather so, it’s up to you. :feh_annawink:

Galeforce does prove effective in Mjolnir Strike (so does L!Edelgard, Surtr, ect).

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Like mentioned above if she’s being paired with a +10 unit while at +6 you should focus on scoring high with the +10 as it takes the higher of the two. Just go all out on being a killing machine with Mia and worry about all the scoring with Lethe.

Something I’ve done with Soleil is a Brave Sword set with Galeforce and Flashing Blade as a SS(Flashing Blade 4’s true damage ends up overkilling a lot of units, but with how high the opponent’s HP is it might not be bad). Put on Atk/Spd Solo(SS3 would be better but I don’t got the fodder) and she does fantastic even with the -5 in Spd. Waiting for Rouse Atk/Spd as that’ll boost her potential tremendously.



Galeforce and the choice of sword are the only missing pieces (other than the rally but it was kinda the fillery part anyway)

For context a couple of my actual +6 Mia skill sets:


Choice of sword should either be Slaying with Spd like you have above or a Brave Sword. I’d recommend Brave more as you need that damage output for higher HP foes as well as being able to reasonably activate Galeforce every time you go into battle. Either keep FB4 in your A or swap it to SS and give yourself a more offensive A skill that boosts Spd and Atk like a Solo or SS2/3.

Edit: SS2 would be worse actually if you had FB in SS. It’d be better to swap them around so you can run FB4 and then SS2 in SS. It would be kinda interesting to see how much true damage you could rack up with FB4, but you need that speed in order to actually double a lot of the later gen units. Especially with their inflated stats.


Unforunately for you, Mythic merges are what matter most in Mjolnir, considering an unmerged Mythic scores like a +10 unit during their major season and like a +5 unit during their minor season – and more merges add onto that. And like the others said, since your Lethe is +10, she’ll take scoring priority over Mia. This is why I have my +10 Rutger paired up with my unmerged Tibarn in the attacking slot.

But if you really want to score highly in Mjolnir, one member of each pair-up team has to be a Mythic scoring stick.

Changing the weapon is a different story. IMO Mia doesn’t hit quite hard enough to keep up with the HP bloat. If my +Atk Tibarn with +4 all stats from the bonus structure can’t two shot most of the sturdier melee units and even some of the ranged units without color advantage, then a Galeforcing Mia probably won’t either, especially without the true damage from her refined Prf. A Brave Sword would help get around that for the slower foes, though.

Scoring optimally is not as fun as scoring well while using lots of Tellius units.

Then don’t be saying things like this, because this won’t change your score enough to really change your rank, especially if it’s just one unit. Mythics will.

@AniCre001 so summoning on the weekly banner had Brave Roy show up in the same circle as Mia. And apparently I had a Luke manual sitting around from probably at least a year or so. So now without spending any feathers, I can try this!


Damn. I didn’t realize the difference in stats that Soleil and Mia had. Should still work out great regardless, but I do want to offer a bit more advice.

Something I would recommend is to swap your C skill or your SS. I didn’t realize the stat difference as well as I forgot about Time Pulse. Unless you’re going up against a unit with Guard or Swordbreaker(Or on the off chance you don’t double) you’ll always activate Galeforce with either Time Pulse or with Flashing Blade(Assuming you get all four hits off). Switching Flashing Blade to SS2 would mean you’re hitting just a point below my Soleil in Atk while always having 55(Or 59 with the bonus) Spd which is what mine hits only on even turns.

Switching Time Pulse to something like a Wave skill or even an offensive Rouse skill if you had it would work great. A rouse would work best with Flashing Blade as you’d still keep an accelerated special which helps for units that die to only 2 or 3 hits. A Rouse also helps patch up the average Atk(I say average but for a Brave user that’s pretty good) or it can boosts your chances of doubling to extreme levels as 65 Spd is a little ridiculous… It’s a real shame that Rouse Atk/Spd doesn’t exist as it’d be the perfect skill for both Mia and Soleil.

One last thing, I’d swap your B skill to Desperation. Nice and cheap, and you’ll see more use out of it than Null Follow-Up. It’s nice to deny disabled doubles, but not many units run Sword Breaker and when you get below the 75% mark(Very easy to do) it’s incredibly easy to KO many units before they can counter.

Up to you on this one, but I would highly recommend Desperation at least. Looking at it now, Time Pulse and Flashing Blade aren’t that bad together. No unit will be one-shot while a decent chunk of units can be two-shot and with Mia’s high Spd will almost always activate Galeforce even if against an opponent you can’t double.

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