Possible inheritors of Godlike Reflexes

After I +10’d Flame Lyn on the last Double Special banner, I now have a spare copy to give Godlike Reflexes to some of my units (and maybe more as I continue to go for Halloween Corrin merges). Here are the +10 units and merge projects I’m considering giving them to:

Female Kris (accidentally +10’d)
Female Shez
Female Alear (long-term merge project, obviously)

Are these good units to give them to?


In order of usefulness I’d say Alear > F-Kris > F-Shez > Lumera

As a three charge special GLR works best on units with Slaying effects and units that can accelerate their cooldown quickly. Alear stands out by being the most recent godsword, having Slaying, and already getting a ridiculous amount of DR from her base kit; GLR makes her Lethality and Deadeye proof as well

Second up is Kris who also has a Slaying weapon and is one of relatively few fast infantry lances. She is strictly inferior to F-Lyn but is otherwise a fantastic option; she makes a great answer to other fast melee units who are almost always red

Shez doesn’t have Slaying, but she does have an innate Breath effect which makes charging GLR easier. She will be a bit more vulnerable before then; Shield Pulse is worth considering to help get that initial charge off

Lumera has neither Slaying nor innate special acceleration, making her the weakest option. Alear is just way better than her mother, unfortunately


Alear makes sense, but like I said, it could be years before I get her to +10. Maybe even longer if I give Lukera Close Call 4 and Spd Smoke 4.

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Alear has such a stupid amount of DR and such a strong base kit that even unmerged GLR is beyond valuable on her. Pretty much the only things that can crack her are DR piercing units, and GLR circumvents that weakness (aside from Legendary Nanna but she is a special case). Absolutely give it to her if you have any intention of using her for PvP


I would pick Alear too.

Lumera is good, but not Alear good.


Just to address this. The most recent units have so many effects they easily outpeform older ones even at low/no merges.

A!Tiki is pretty much better than any other Omnitank even at +0, and the same is true about Alear too. Not only she’s the fastest unit statwise, she’s has huge advantage over other speedy units with that -12 Spd/Def debuff.

Someone posted recently about a fully built/merged sword reaching 100 effective spd. A +0 Alear can get up to 107 effective speed, and she just gets even better with the merges.


Are you really that concerned about a +4 Spd difference? Because that’s the difference between a +0 and a +10 one.


I hope my Female Byleth get a special cooldown effect cuz i gave her GLR.