Possible Theory on the Representation of the Book III characters from the Realm of the Dead

Most of us have speculated that Lif as well as Hel may be introduced as Mythic heroes in this month and January respectively. While I do strongly believe that they will be released as playable characters. since the antagonists of Book II were released after Book II ended, I would like to share my analysis on why Lif and Hel may be introduced as Mythics and why I think they fit into their respective attributes. My theory is that the natives of Hel are meant to represent the 4 attributes that were introduced upon the release of Aether Raids due to the fact that they originally came from a different dominion, and each the domains have a similar parallel to one another.

Eir- Light. She was revealed in the final chapter to not be the biological daughter of Hel and was originally the daughter of the royalty who were descended from the dragon of life. This may further support the evidence as to why she has light affinity, since light is linked in a wide variety of ways with the biological phenomenon of life. This close relationship with light is something we share with most species alive. There may be other kinds of life in the Universe, but the only kind that we know about owes its existence to the energy of the Sun.

Thrasir- Anima. She is an older Veronica who came from an alternate Embla. Embla serves as the antithesis of Askr in which Embla’s royalty has the ability to close gates to the other world. Anima is suppose to represent “Earth”, since it’s meant to be “nature” or natural law. The Embla royalty’s ability to close the otherworldly gates leading to the other realm could represent how spirits are forced to roam the human world. They either lived with a totally materialistic view of life and strongly denied life after death, or are emotionally attached to something in this world to the point of not being able to let go (the beliefs ultimately vary from culture but this is at least the most well known one.)

Lif- Astra (pure speculation). He is the older Alfonse who came from an alternate Askr. Likewise, Askr serves as a contrast to Embla, in which the Askran royalty have the ability to open the gates to the other world. Astra means “star” in Greek, and it is called Heaven in the Japanese version, which represents the spiritual realm. The Askran royalty’s ability to open the otherworldly gates to the other realm could represent how spirits are accepted into the heaven in the afterlife. They only depart to the afterlife when their consciousness becomes clear enough, and come to realize that they are already dead. This also ties to how heaven and earth are framed as opposing elements in various myths.

Hel- Dark (pure speculation). she is the ruler of the land of the dead, who gets more powerful the more dead people are within her realm. Her affinity may lean towards dark, since Darkness can encompass a primitive chaos, and the powers of that chaos; it is not essentially evil, yet it is largely associated with death and destruction, captivity and spiritual darkness. Light and dark are also a well known opposite and it would be more fitting for Hel to act as a foil to Eir.

What do you peeps think? Do you guys agree or disagree with my thoughts? I honestly would not be too surprised if IS threw a curveball , but I would like to hear your opinions on the symbolizations I came up with.


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