Post-Castoria Tier List Predictions

The time of Castoria is nigh, and an overhaul of the tier lists is inevitable.

What are some of the moves you predict for the Gamepress tiers? Alternatively, what moves do you think should happen?

Some of mine:

  • Castoria gets her own EX+ tier
  • Waver drops to EX-
  • Tamamo drops to A
  • Bride drops to A+
  • Reines moves to A+ (this is overdue since her upgrade)
  • Dioscuri moves to A+
  • Beni moves to A+
  • Yang moves to A+
  • Jarcher moves to A+
  • Jack drops to B
  • Kama drops to A+
  • Melt drops to B+
  • Sitonai moves to A+
  • Rider DaVinci moves to A+
  • Odysseus moves to A
  • Kiara moves to A
  • Vlad moves to A+
  • Orion (Artemis) moves to B+
  • Nastya moves to B+
  • Schez moves to B+
  • Cu Alter drops to B+
  • Achilles drops to B
  • Enkidu drops to B
  • Xiang Yu drops to C+
  • Assassin Li moves to B+
  • Saber Okita drops to B+
  • Sherlock drops to C
  • Jinako moves to B
  • Amakusa moves to B (more because his current ranking is too low, not specifically because of Castoria)

Sieg A → A+
Between him being a 4 star (lower team cost) and being comparable to low NP level SSR Casters he is definitely at least there.

Nitocris A–> A+
Can’t loop but with 100% battery + Castoria she can loop 3 times no RNG with Scope.

Kintoki B+ → A
Might seem weird but between early appends, Castoria’s party wide 30% and the 90+ Nodes his niche of being a ST Zerk with 50% is more valuable than ever.

Jeanne B → C+
Jeanne’s usefulness goes down by a fair amount, and honestly even with her buff she really is closer to Jinako than to Tamamo, and Jinako actually has a good skillset.


Sieg is definitely one to keep an eye on for the SR brigade, I agree. Also a good call with Append Kintoki and irregular nodes.


Shuten right next to AA where she belongs.


Vlad-zerk: EX tier.


Arts go up, Quick and Buster go down


I predict more servants to move up just from becoming a lot more consistent with access to a Castoria rather than servants to move down a tier. The only servants that I expect to drop are those who’s niche loose out like Jeanne who serves no purpose with access to even a friends Castoria rather than just being not arts servants.

Tama will probably drop, but she should still be high as she can add alot to a castoria comp if you have her and a friends Castoria to loop with some of the better servants.


Agree with this :fgo_gamerjeanne:

Why would Sherlock drop when he’s had an upgrade that makes him an even better quad support for Arts teams? Castoria doesn’t tread on his feet, and his nutso arts cards are happier than ever.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Vlad/Sitonai a smidge above other ST due to being able to loop without cards in farming even before appends.

I would expect on the AoE end for things to fall Spishtar>Summer Kiara/Muzerker>everyone else. Although Muzerker’s lack of battery makes her a worse investment they love the bigger NP1 damage numbers.

Quick wise everyone will probably drop sure, I still think Kama is a better ST point than basically the rest of Quick due to her charmlock/resilience on top of good damage and easy loops. I’d rate MHXA highly just for sheer damage, but she needs a lot more help/RNG.

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Art servants with more than 1 hit in their NP


I don’t see why other supports would move down, especially when Tamamo + Castoria is a great match to pair together in any hard content as that’s what Tamamo has been used for for a long while since she isn’t obsessed with 3T’ing a node like Skadi and Waver/Reines. Agree about some DPS servants moving up as they become the main DPS servants, but Kama is still the best ST assassin in the game.

I see Yang moving up once she gets her universal taunt skill later on though.


Yeah I don’t think we’re gonna see a mass drop. Especially not for servants that aren’t farmers anyway.

But tier list talk aside, I can’t wait till I am gonna try some units that worked less with Tamamo but who are quite good with Castoria.
The servants who like arts buffs but really need battery boost to get going.
Someone like Yagyu or Old Li I feel benifit off the initial momentum Castoria gives that Tamamo doesn’t.

But moreover I will probably try to combo Castoria with secondary support (especially since I’ll likely won’t get her myself). Stuff like Lanling, Tamamo, Bride, Hans, hell even Sherlock or Jane

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Why tho? Are you dropping them just because they are suck compared to Castoria?

I think Waver will keep his place because even in a post Oberon world many people will still use him. He’s basically the free (We have 2 chances to get him for free, PICK HIM with your ticket) support with 50% charge. He’ll still be just useful as ever in CQ and Farming. Even if people failed to pull Oberon, Waver will always be there to help you for farming.

Tamamo complements Castoria very well in CQ (and farming if your dps have damage issues).


I’m simply awful in this kind of things, so i’m quite certain that my prediction won’t happen.

Anyway, i think that Gamepress writers will refrain from falling into hasty moves (like giving Castoria an EX+ or similar Tier list ).

I think that they’ll rate her Ex or Ex- like our usual top tier support and then wait and ponder on the next possible action to take. Most likely, after seeing how things go in NA after the first few months of Castoria.

But i’m probably wrong, so…

I’m not included, have better chargers :fgo_thatbishtar:



Good ol’ Waver get a lot of flak nowadays cuz Post buff Reines and Oberon but he’s as good and as useful as ever. He’s a free support with 50% charge, he’ll always be useful.

No way castoria is anything except EX+ or EX if game press doesn’t want to create a new tier for her. She is the best support in the game taken on a vacuum far above Oberon, vitch or Skadi when looked as a whole package (farming and CQ).

As for the tier list, it would be silly to drop support servants onto a lower tier just because the new arts support is bonkers, so waver and tamamo stay where they are.

In fact as a whole I don’t see why any servant’s tier should be lowered, they are just as good as before simply a stronger alternative exists. This is why many people do not like tier lists, DSS dantes is still just as strong and reliable for 33X nodes.

For the sake of argument, let’s suppose that some servants do see their tier lowered. In my opinion, they would be some quick farmers or DPS who benefited the most from double Skadi. The argument would be that Skadi will be hard to find on friend lists as a support post castoria.

Still it is a stretch, but the most likely candidates if this was the case would be:

  • zerkerlot
  • okita (until she gets her upgrade)
  • Dantes
  • Valks
  • Parvati
  • Atalanta

Oddly enough, Kama and Melt don’t really need DSS to outshine most of their competition and a castoria+Skadi support is just aw effective so I don’t believe their tier will change.


I think that the supports will be where they are. Reines moves up, as you said it’s long overdue. Castoria is EX with the others.

All the arts going up…when you pick Castoria in the selection screen. Otherwise they stay were they are.

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I wish Lasengle would hurry up and fix Summer Nito’s NP :fgo_nitocry:


Castoria is Castoria tier, she’s that good.

Perhaps she’ll become EX or EX- when they drop the new upcoming broken support for either Quick 2.0 or something entirely new that overhauls the whole card system.