Post community day

I was a bit disappointed with results. First my page with students and boggart cabinet was 1 cabinet from prestige. I figured I would find a cabinet in the increased spawns then at least fighting to get all the students again would be great. I played the entire 3 hours and did not get a cabinet until the last 10 min. I played fortress after fortress also used 24 Hogwarts tunes and 11 legends of Hogwarts runes. I got 1 house points and 1 owl lectern. I was stationed under a fortress with 3 in reach inns all had 3 detectors each. Also it was flagged as a increased Hogwarts area. And brain elixir active from 15 min before to 15 min after. Only traces ( in the family) were generic students, flitwick sprout myrtle and peeves. Nothing rare spawned at any point. I did have 110k xp gain and used about 35 potions. Had hoped some rarer spawns. So wondering did anyone else have better luck?

I can’t say I play this game seriously. I did see something about community day, but really paid little attention to the mechanics. So I’m afraid your post about this flew way over my head.

OK, so just read the page here, and wow, no way can I play this game seriously. Not only do I have to make special trips here and there for fortresses and inns, now I have to do an event within a 3hr window of their choosing? Nope, just going to continue to casual it like I’ve been doing. I like games I can play at home.

Fair enough it was aimed at those that did play the event. Wondering if my experience was on par with other players. I play for the needed distraction, so was very focused on the event and what results I had. (Been expecting some news that can either be very good or really bad) keeping busy helps.

I could play actively for 1 hour, then for the next 2 hours I couldn’t walk around but was in a nice area with Inns and where I would check on the game every now and then when I could.
On the overall it was quite a disappointment to me. I didn’t get anything particularly rare, I recall maybe one or two somewhat rare stuff (and not from the event family) but nothing that I never caught before. all the foundables were very common. I was only a few cabinet away from levelling up that page again and didn’t get them. Got all the students that I see already on daily basis.

I think this event lacked a goal, like something rare or usually unavailable to hunt for or some quests to achieve during that time frame. Otherwise it is just a day with more spawns than usual.

My experience was very similar to yours. I thought that I would be able to prestige the Hogwarts school page but the Boggart Cabinet is holding me back. At the start I had 1/12 and saw 3 cabinets during the 3 hours. 2 of them froze my screen during the successful screen animation. When I restarted, I had no progress. If my main goal was experience grinding then maybe I would have been happier. I suppose I will have to treat this as an extremely casual game where progress is limited due to the mechanics in place. I never saw a McGonagall or anything that would be considered a rare find during the event. There weren’t many playing at the very popular park that I have gone for Pogo community days. The park also does not have a flag so that I was not limited to nests. It appears that I would have been better served driving around a city and casting in parking lots due to the experience of others. I was overall disappointed in the event.

I skipped out on the event so I cant weigh in on that.

Regarding the Boggart Cabinet, did they just increase the spawn rate or something? Since release ive gotten 3/4 pieces. Just today I got another 3, all 3 of the Hogwarts I clicked on were one. I am not in a flagged area either. Wonder if its a strange coincidence or if their making up for community day.

Just lucky RNG. I sometimes will have a streak and then nothing for a while. Cabinet is still bottle necking my prestige progress. I did have good luck today with Magick Moste Evile. I am at silver now.