Post-Gilfest Box Count Thread

Now that the chaos of the lotto is over, how many boxes did you open?

  • 1-10
  • 11-50
  • 51-100
  • 101-200
  • 201-300
  • 301-500
  • 501-750
  • 751-1000
  • 1001-1500
  • 1501-2000
  • 2001+

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Not quite sure whether the scaling on the poll is good but it’s good enough for now :catnoworries:

And just for fun, let’s compare boxes farmed/lotto CEs to find out who has the best CE drop luck.

Personally mine was 137/10 CE drops, so a modest 13.7 boxes/CE drop

Make sure to subtract the shop CEs!

perhaps we can even find the average GP box count and track it over lottos :fgo_ereshmentarymydear:


40 since my farming setup was unga bungaing, and there was a combination of me being busy with schoolwork and me being lazy/not feeling like farming :catpat:

But at least I made some decent progress on my roster :feh_nini: Next lotto I hope I can get more boxes in though


11 CE drops in 127 boxes which is 11.45 boxes/CE… Got 3 MLB CEs at the end of the event… This was only my second lotto so pretty good for me…


I just realized there’s another thread asking the exact same thing but in my defense I was drafting this thread when it was posted and didn’t see it :feh_berniebulli:


49/8 ce drops. and my 3t comp at the finals was 50% rng
i should’ve went all out during prelims with casters

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14 but i clear all EQ except Elizabeth

303 boxes, 25 total drops for an average of 1 drop per 12.12 boxes.

This is the first one I saw so… oops?


Got 273 Boxes, still opening them all. A total of 6 MLB CEs by the end of the event.

Considering that I didnt really go hard on this lotto, like I went on the Christmas lotto, where I was literally capped by lack of resources(400+ boxes), pretty good result, had +10 bonus for the last 100 boxes also.
Am now level 149 also, so that’s pretty cool.


Ended up getting 9 CE drops (13 total -4 from the shop) while farming 144 boxes. So 16 boxes/CE.
Didn’t expect to get so many boxes considering I only had like 70 Gapples when GilFest started.

Used 6 slots setups throughout the event while leveling up the Arctic MC. Maxed out at +9 bonus near the end. Got a solid comp with Gil-Waver-Ishtar/Gil for the last lotto node (3-4 turns, 2 mins)

It was only my second lotto so this time around I was much more prepared and managed to make good use of all these embers to grail servants, unlock interludes/rank ups and also use some of the MP to get more copies of chaldea lunchtime to MLB it.

Wish I had more apples to begin with but this amount of ressources is probably plenty enough considering I don’t plan to summon too much for the time being.

109.75 boxes and 13 drops, so 8.44 boxes per CE

61.5 boxes and I had exactly 2 mlb lotto ces post-lotto

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