Post-lottery pre-Setsubun hell

That “nice, got so many extra embers, maybe I’ll ascend some servants for Setsubun” high.

Then reality sets in.

And those proofs and feathers too. Dammit. And QP as well. Dammit.

I hope I’m not the only seeing myself as a farmer in the future.


Been through that after the previous nerofest, I was so shocked at how many bronze mats were required for lower rarity ascensions, so I farmed this da vinci lotto with that in mind and still have 4 servants to max ascend out of 115 servants… damn you feather and bone hell!!!


Ah, this is why you prioritize ascensions when it comes to materials! Because skill levels are where the really major material losses are. glares at 45-60 evil bone requirements per skill :fgo_badciv:


but everyone is max ascension for me already


Mee too. :catcry:


All my servants are max leveled.
Now, I’m burning embers like anything. Reverse Ember hell is bad civ.

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don’t forget to save stacks everywhere


Well to Germany ,is a little expencip then fuyuki but have a better drop raid(still hell but still better then fuyuki)

No it isn’t. Blazing Forest is ~60% and Germania is ~50%.

Were is that?


I always get almoust nothing ther ever

fuyuki’s bone drop rate is actually pretty solid. your luck just sucks

of course, the amount of servants that want to make an entire human skeleton out of bones is another matter entirely. but the drop rate itself is actually good, for as far as fgo mat drop rates generally go

plus, x-g you can just braindead zerker buster facecard it


The true tedium of Fuyuki is it just being a bunch of low level trash you facecard at like 3 AP or w/e the crap if you don’t run the 15 AP node. Nbd if you automate that, granted.

This is exactly why I needed to farm 70 boxes for the bones. Now, all my servants that needed bones have been max ascended.

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anyone farming the 3ap node is literally insane

a 1ap per drop difference does not justify farming 3ap over 15 in fuyuki

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Yeah I basically don’t touch it unless necessary for MMs.

That said I consider X-G to be equally tedious so lol.

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it’s still tedious, but goes by faster

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I hear you on the proofs and feathers. I’ve been grinding feathers in Salem since DaVinci ended to max ascend OG Cu, Houzouin, and Smol Medea. Basically given up on proofs, will have to work on them after Setsubun.

I was farming feathers, but I really want to farm up needles in case I ever get Chiron, because he’s Chiron. Afterwards I’ll switch back I guess.