Post-Skadi targets

So, whether or not I get Skadi (have enough saved for about 500 rolls, so about a 3% chance I fail), I should start thinking about my other high priority servants I might want to get in the future. Are there any other “meta-defining” servants that have gotten released in JP that I should consider? So far, it’s been the big 3 (soon to be 4, all of which I have/hope to get), and servants that can loop with double-Skadi that have gotten the most attention, but if you know of others, I’d like suggestions.

I try not to look at spoilers too much but I would assume Arjuna Alter is one of the main bad asses to look forward to. I believe he’s kinda like an SSR Spartacus with an even more broken skill set.

Kama is top of my personal wishlist though and will be aiming for multiple NP levels.



I’ve tried to talk myself out of Arjuna Alter since I’m so heavy on NP5 Buster Servants, but he’s too good…and I love his design. His ability to inflict the condition for his own trait damage is incredible, and star gather on his Buster cards ensures that he isn’t just an extraordinarily fancy nuke.


Within 2020, I heard Qin Shi Huang (SIN banner) is good for high difficulty content and challenge quests. He’s a ruler arts crit, similar to Sherlock but has more survivabilty with invincibility in his np, 50% np charge and self healing + debuff clear so he’s super tanky.


Yeah aside from Kama who is my only main target next year, i will try to summon Godjuna,Avenger Nobu and Space ishtar next year :fgo_umu:


Space Ishtar and Da Vinci Rider are my other 2 targets next year. Not really sure how good Da Vinci is but not too bothered as an AOE Arts Rider will slot into my Chaldea quite nicely especially since Mordred decided not to grace me with her presence.




QSH is a beast, but I’m not sure if I will roll or not. If you’re not going to solo with him, or if you don’t prefer to stall, he doesn’t contribute a lot.

Others I’m looking for but aren’t really meta (Except for #1 maybe):

  1. Summer BB
  2. King Protea
  3. Godjuna
  4. Da Vinci (both forums)
  5. Lancer Melt

Astrea and Reines who basically with her new interlude equals Waver’s 50% np charge on top of having an ignore class disadvantage buff for the party on np.

For me this is super important so Ihave a more durable option in rider heavy nodes. Astrea is just so self sufficient as an Arts crit servant


BB definitely isn’t meta. She’s a fun gimmick, but she depends on good RNG in the first place to make her special contribution.

Arjuna and Da Vinci are much more meta-friendly since the former is what he is, and the latter is a loop-friendly farmer.


Personally for me after skadi my targets for this year are probably summer bb and QSH
But next year I have 5 targets

  1. Arjuna alter
  2. Space ishtar
  3. Kama
  4. Kingprotea
  5. Superhuman orion
    But being f2p I just don’t think I can realistically get them all but one can certainly hope

I’m F2P too, and that’s why I’m asking–whether to save SQ for anyone specific like I have had to to get a good chance at Skadi. I’ve done fairly few multi-rolls in the past year, just 11 after getting Tamamo, and only once did I roll twice.

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QSH, Waver, then AA. Might skip Waver to go for np2 AA.

Arjona Alter, Crazy Sakura, summer BB (she isn’t really meta defining but is pretty Unique and fun)

Isn’t the meta for the next two years just;



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For me, i will try to get MHXX because she is MHX, summer BB because fun(and is in the same banner), summer Martha, Miyu, maybe Kingprotea, Orión and Reines.
Is really longer then this because i want everything i can get

If I get Skadi in less than 200 SQ, I’ll move on with Dantes and Merlin.

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Jeanne Archer, because even if Quick will overshadow everything looping with Arts will still be very satisfying.