Post some new skill ideas

Advantage 3
If unit’s HP>80% and foe initiates combat, unit can counterattack before foe can attack.

Infiltrate 3
If unit’s Spd > foe’s Spd, reduces damage from attacks during combat and from area-of-effect Specials (excluding Røkkr area-of-effect Specials) by percentage = difference between stats × 4 (max 40%). Unit can move through foe’s spaces.

Null Reduction 3
Disables foe’s skills that reduce unit’s attacks and area-of-effect Specials.

x/y Ambush 3
During combat, if foe is not adjacent to an ally during combat grants x/y+6 to unit.

Cavalry exclusive skill. :feh_birbpeek:


That’s broken af especially if it’s inheritable because look at Kronya and this has no requirement because they wouldn’t take damage.

Nah IS seems to want to go with the movement skills instead of pass

Wording not great. But I see this coming soon like Twin Blades but as a skill

Solo skills: am I a joke to you

EDIT: sorry can’t read this is fine


Ambush and Solos aren’t the same thing though.

Ambush makes use of an overextended enemy and grants buffs. You can be adjacent to your team and the foe overextends to attack (Veronica for example) and you’ll gain buffs, and it’s multi phase.

While yes, Solo’s can do close to the same thing, you can’t be right next to your allies and make use of things like, I dunno, Sorcery Blade. :man_shrugging:

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Wait nvm you’re right I just can’t read lol

Rally Pulse: Target Special Cooldown -1

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Jesus, please no.


Guiding Shield (I really have no idea how to call it): If foe initiates combat, calculates his damage using the higher of unit’s Def or Res (or something).

Don’t worry IS will skip it and go straight to the Rally Up+ version.


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Lethality: If Foe’s Hp = 100% damage increased by 500%

For Calvary… Because they deserve some nice things. I took a few pages from the best armor and infantry skills. Yea, they sound broken. But so do those other class restricted skills. I want nice things to yo.

Calvary Pulse:

C skill: Unit grants a special cooldown charge +1 to any Calvary ally with speed -5 or fewer than unit. If allies speed is -10 than it grants a special cooldown of charge of +2.

Calvary Formation:

C skill: If unit is adjacent to a calvary ally, unit and ally ignore terrain restrictions. (Such as trees and trenchs)

B skills:

Calvary rush:

If units speed is less than foes speed - 5 than unit makes a guaranteed fallow up attack.

A skill

Calvary Charge: If unit initiates combat grants +7 attack, if foe can midigate damage grants +20 damage per attack and foe cannot charge special.


You know, I always hated midigation. Ever since Sigurd actually. Though he was just… Mildly annoying. Now its everywhere and it deserves to burn. Im ok with your triangle adapt mage. Im ok with your anti cav tome. But I will await the day midigation has a heavy counter. And trust me, ill be there.

I always have. Because Im a scumbag.

I can see those rein cavalry buffs specifically for someone with low speed. Someone…

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Cav formation should be at start of turn. Cavalry charge looks like a death blow 3.5 with anti repel. Cavalry rush is broken af there’s a reason bold fighter is still such a good skill and it’s armour locked. The pulse stuff is just for Rein

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Now now. Those are clearly a type of restriction. No nasty motive here. :feh_nino:

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Yes clearly there are many cavs with low speed, including rein Olwen.

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Yea. Units like… Berkut maybe. Or better berkut.

Edit: But really tho, imagine the fun to be had, it could be 2017 2018 again, wouldnt that be fun? For me

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Weapon skills with the ability [Bind], where unit cannot conduct an action on their next turn, and cannot be danced :feh_legion:

I’m referencing to something so don’t mind me