Post your Highest Damage Screenshots!

As the title say post your highest damage screenshots below.
With each screenshot try to provide the team composition and CE’s as well as the context of the battle (because there are obviously some events like past raids where ludicrous damage is the norm).

Don’t forget NP levels and golden focus either (and possibly passives).

Let me start.

This is probably my highest damage recorded (from the Onigashima raids) I don’t recall the exact team composition, but as you can see it has Merlin and Santa Artoria (NP5). I believe The CE was likely an MLB Golden Summo on Santa Artoria.


you actually expect me to keep track of this?

well ok, idk if highest damage, but

big strong bulky blue oni getting slaughtered by a tiny weak frail little girl


I’m too ashamed by my number being 500k with robin-mozart-helena-waver while people out there doing literally million damage, casually.

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Well, the ones above were during the Onigashima Raid. Here’s my highest neutral damage outside raid events.

MHX (12% Quick Passive and 40% Extra Saber damage) Wu(~15% ATK and Quick buff) Atlante (50% Quick buff), Caster Nero. (There also was a 30% 1-turn Quick Buff CE upon death involved.)
I believe MHX had a a Lv.57 Black Grail on here with 300% NP charge (for 175% extra damage) NP Lv. 1.

There was more but this is what I can tell and remember.

Context: Saber training Grounds last wave with Artoria.

I’m so proud with ma boi
Arash (Black Grail) 2 Merlin (Tower of Avalon) iirc

I think all of them equipped with Golden Captures the Carp + lv10 Anniversary Blonde :confused: dunno man… It’s an old screenshot

Welp pretty sure it’s Golden Carp CEs


any overcharge bonus?

500% on Stella


Waver, double Merlin and Bedivere. Bedi had DB, level 100 with maxed out attack and hp (no gold Fou yet). I wanted to play around in lancer dailies and was bored. I did some switching around between Merlin and waver until I managed to have two hero creation EX on Bedi as well as the Tactician’s command on him plus his own tactics and was NP 5 full charge.

lesson learned…Best Knight hurts XD


I don’t have a screenshot of the crit damage (which was around 500k on the 1st Buster and 700k on the 2nd) but here’s of the Team and Noble Phantasm.

448k damage on a NP1 AoE NP. Babbage at NP5 only got to 250k damage under the same conditions


Ima hit you guys with a real throwback.

This is the first run of the event. No waver of my own yet no jalter. Essentially nothing for ST so I’m out here bringing the heat with Anne & Mary. (My SSRs at the time were OG Saber, Mordred and Tesla.)

Hard to believe how small the roster used to be.


Dunno if it’s just my game, but the damage numbers barely show up for more than half a second.
Not enough time to SS unless I’m recording and look frame-by-frame.

Sadly I didn’t have any of my highest dmg ss saved on my phone for NA but I did manage to capture my highest dmg record for JP during Saberwars 2.

I know its a bit low for the absurdities that other JP players do with Paris but since my only dmg buffer was just Hans at the time so that was the best I could do. Outside events though I remember dealing somewhere between 400K-500K dmg to Zerks and Sabers using a similar set-up with a BG

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yeah, it’s really a pain unless you’re preprepared

makes me wish dw had implanted some feature where you could look at damage totals in the battle results


You have a slightly better chance at low battle speed, but I can’t stand playing at slow speed after so long at fast speed…

2x speed feels too fast for regular animations at times, but 1x feels too slow for them just about always

though yeah, I do tend to switch to 1x speed if I’m planning on looking at/capping damage numbers

This is interesting. NP5 Sanzang level 47 buffed only with Fragment’s of 2004 Uniform 1st skill (NP damage up). Without Fou, also.

If she does 80.000 this early, i wonder what will she be able to do at level 90 with proper buffs.

I mean, her NP could be good enough even against neutral targets

High, if one consider that because of Salem she is level 50 only.

Someday, I’ll make million damage with my sun boy, but so far, this is the biggest damage I have ever recorded of Gawain during Shimousa (so, yanno, his sunny field buff was defective, and it wasn’t buster brave chain, sadly)

team comp double Merlin, all the buffs were active, I think. Gawain 6/6/6 with non-MLB Battle Olympia, my Merlin 1/1/1, Prisma Cosmos, I was QPoor, okay? borrowed Merlin 10/10/10 with Miyu’s CE

around 60% crit iirc. I screenshot this becauae I knew he was gonna make some big damage. But several instances were a bit bigger than this

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