Post your winning Hall of Fjorms team

Having Lyn and three fliers made this one pretty easy. (Having flashbacks to Draug and Bridal Caeda)


Meanwhile I’m sittin’ at Chamber 3 with no one above level 19. The group we got is surprisingly pretty good. I think the only one who’s “Meh” is Fiora and she isn’t even bad.


Meanwhile, those two carried me very hard, especially Shiida.


I’m Italian, so the builds are B!Lyn with eff. mulagir, reposition, death blow 4 and speed smoke, Bridal Ninian with Res Blárserpent+ , dance, warding stance 4 and Air order 3, SF Nino with giga Excalibur, rally Def./Res +, blue flame, swift sparrow 3, Res faint, hone spd 4 and atk smoke and finally summer fiora with spd bellringer +, harsh command +, spd/Def solo , join hone atk and chill def ( Nino did most of the job so she is complete)

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Wait! Are we supposed to win in HoF?

This is a good group…except that 3/4 are weak to bows. I’ve had to reset chambers several times because of bow units – especially Eleanora, who is faster than Lyn.


Here is my team, I finished it a while back so now I am fishing for some Nino skills.


Well… I’ve been getting a lot of non-optimal skills as usual including area-of-effect specials and {tactic} skills which are useless with this line-up so I’ve been mostly merging.
I’m at the chamber 12

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Speak of the devil…

This is ridiculous. This is like the third time she’s appeared while trying to do a new chamber. Especially rotten when no one on this team can afford to take a hit from her.


Brave Lyn was actually my huge handicap here. She absolutely REFUSED to get any useful weapon or skills the entire time.

Thankfully everyone else decided to pull their weight. Even Ninian with Sturdy Impact started doing more damage than her.

She finally did some damage because we got some fliers on the last map, but she still didn’t one shot them and needed Fiora to apply threaten atk/def lol.


Nino finally got stuff, even if it was all support
Lyn barely changed. That Def boost from her Push skill came in clutch a surprising amount of times
Fiora barely changed, but she still could do her job as a punching bag and that’s all that matters
Ninian didn’t change one bit since last update, except for gaining a single level from killing the last enemy on the final map. Above is her progress from grinding for her Forma


Lyn and Nino were the mvp’s, Ninian mostly use dance, and Fiora help with te draw backs and block some melee combat.

Ngl, I’ve been super lazy and haven’t even touched HoF… :feh_bkhaha:

Everyone’s pretty alright but Nino just won’t get any good skills, everyone else has one or two empty slots while she has four (replacing the gap since it’s kinda useless)

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Just squeaked out the last win! There’s some serious kryptonite against this team: Caineghis and Midori at high levels are nearly invincible, so I had to be very choosy with my battles…

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While Lyn was the MVP I cannot say everyone in this team wasn’t a mass murderer

Ninian was very powerful here and is tempting me for that soul.


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Finally done. It was pretty smooth sailing aside from the Eleonoras that kept haunting me, the occasional F-Tiki and Fallen F-Corrin, and this monstrosity.

The team:

I admittedly got extremely lucky with Lyn. MVP all the way. Her skills were so good that she just kept getting more and more merges.

The support:

Ninian was pretty much there to dance and buff. First time I finished a HoF without everyone fully leveled up.

The secondary nuke:

I have lots of experience using Flying Nino, and she’s just as good here. She occasionally gave a buff to a teammate.

The shockingly solid one:

Fiora was a liability at first but she started getting some incredible and synergistic skill rolls. She had just enough bulk to take a single hit when needed, and Atk/Spd Bond 4 plus the Cake Cutter made her a surprisingly hard hitter.


This one sucked


Against Caineghis they are all useless but otherwise they got me through them all (so i guess i can get a mercedes merge since we got extra rdc)

This isnt anything i want to take out tho