Potential Askr Trio builds

Alright, so here’s the thing. I don’t do poorly in Arena, generally speaking. I don’t excel, I don’t have any Crowns, but I tend to hang around tier 19.

What usually hammers me the worst, though, is when I have none of the other bonus units available to me and am relegated to using one of the Askr trio as my bonus unit. In Sharena’s case, this isn’t so bad. In Alfonse’s case? I almost always lose a tier that season.

So since I’m tired of my half-assed builds for the Askr trio costing me a tier, I’m trying to figure out good builds that I can use for them. Problem is, I’m not 100% certain what builds would score good for them, or if certain skills I am eyeballing for them would even be worth it on them.

Here’s what I’m looking at right now, two builds apiece:


Build 1:

Use R Duel Infantry to boost his BST to make up for his inability for merge, and potentially his skill level, while also boosting his HP which (when used in tandem with double Brazens and Panic Ploy) allows him to hard counter the holy crap out of Green units. Panic Ploy because 53 HP.

Build 2:

In thr event that R Duel Infantry just isn’t worth it on Alfonse, I drafted a second, more well-balanced Generalist build specializing in making him an all-around Bruiser unit with high defenses and beefy ATK,


Build 1:

Admittedly, I’m less sure of this one. B Duel is used for the same reason as R Duel is on Alfonse. Beyond that, A/S Bond and Threaten are used for beefing her ATK and SPD with Fensalir while debuffing the enemy’s ATK and SPD to allow for better tanking ability. Could potentially swap Guard for a mitigation ability.
Build 2:

Again in the event that Duel is not great on Sharena, my alternate idea for her is more generalist omnitanking.
Alternatively, I could stack A/S Bonds 4 and 3 in her A and S slots and give her Repel or something in her B slot for mitigation tanking.


Build 1:

Again with a Duel build to try and make up for her stats and inability to merge. Beyond Duel, her build is a pretty standard high-SPD initiator set trying to maximize her ability to still fight.
Build 2:

Again, if Duel is unnecessary: Dive straight into high-SPD ass-beatery with Swift Sparrow and Repel making up for her lackluster defenses.

Would any of these sets work well to use on the Askr units when I’m pigeonholed into using them? Would the Duel sets be more optimal in those instances? Or should I go for the generalist builds on them? I want to make them better to I stop getting railroaded when they’re the only binus unit I have in a season.

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Is it possible to get to Tier 20 with an Alf without R Duel Infantry? And do you really need multiple builds for a unit you’re only gonna be using when you don’t have a bonus unit?

Triple Brazen build is probably more efficient as far as killing proficiency and not needing to fodder good skills to be effective.


You can easily get up to tier 20 with a dodgy bonus, even an unbuilt Anna has got me there, and my team doesn’t score optimally anyways

Also @Z-Man


I dunno. That’s why I’m asking.

I’m not planning on using both. The Duel builds are my first option, the alternate builds are just in case Duel isn’t worth it on these units. If Duel is a good skill on them, that’s the build I’m using full-stop.


Well, I’d say that you don’t need R Duel Infantry, but the second build utilizes resources that I don’t necessary approve of on an Alfonse, and considering we have high scoring red units in the normal/grail pool, R Duel Infantry isn’t really that needed anymore.

So I guess the first build.:man_shrugging:


I’m also asking this now in case I need to start farming harder so I can try for Helbindi while he’s here.

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Marth scores 744, Catria 746, Y!Marth 748


I wouldn’t bother with Duel skills on the trio unless you have excess fodder lying around and you’re really trying for tier 20.5. The only difference that gives is 6 points(Assuming you had a 300 SP skill on him previously), and in Arena terms that’s the difference of 1.5 score. Meaning if you’re sitting right at the start of a new score bracket it will not make a difference.

For Alfonse I’d probably just stick with triple brazens and a Def or Res refinement. Make him wall one unit to get into brazen and attempt to pick up a KO afterwards. Also on the topic of the Eff refinement, if you don’t get a green, or you run into an all blue team, you’re either put in a worse position or completely screwed on kills, so no +12 bonus score.

For Sharena I’d probably run triple bonds. Threat. Atk/Def ain’t bad for her either. Keep her close to allies and that’s that.

For Anna I’d run something better to heavily boost her Atk power. AB definitely ain’t the way as it’s a lower SP skill and does nothing for her defense. She’ll have enough HP to not be one-shot, but ya need to worry about making sure you at least two-shot the opponent. Trying to focus on her Spd for a CC/Repel build might work, but in this meta when you’re running into mid 40s- mid 50s Spd that skill isn’t going to do a thing.

The most important thing I see wrong with these builds are the specials and assists. If you don’t have the more expensive resources your trio needs at least a duel rally(Not the + version) and an upgraded AOE special(If you can’t afford Aether or Galeforce). Those two things are way more important than the Duel skills. In fact, changing Moonbow to something like Aether would be the same as giving Alfonse a Duel skill instead of DC.

Honestly the best thing to do to get into tier 21(Or even just high Arena) would be building up the Grail units. It’d cost a lot more as there’s many more units and their rotation is a lot bigger than the trio’s and Fjorm, but you can merge those units for a much higher score. Of course that’s a shit ton of resources and I really wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re really going for the F2P Tier 21 player and nothing else


@Krazytre depends a little but on the bonus week but yes you can into T20 without duel infantry on the askr trio. Most people actually DON’T run duel infantry on them and just max out their scoring in skills

@TheEternalShade If Alfonse is your problem, then @nobody625 @'d the right person. This is my alfonse

Fairly cheap to build and he turns into a defensive monster. If you’re really stingy on the purse strings or have already built Astram you can use vantage in place of wrath but wrath is optimal here.
Obviously this build is still lacking a proper special as I’m waiting to give him ruptured sky, but Aether can work on a budget. I would suggest a 300sp skill in c slot but if you’re willing to kill a brami atk/def push 4 works well on him. In general though he’ll do better with joint hone/drive atk or joint hone def. Any of those skills would work better IMO. All of that are long-term builds though. In the immediate he can get you into T20 even with my build as long as the rest of your team scores high
The best part about the above build is that its strong even outside arena. I wouldn’t haul that into ar but in AA especially he’s good against all-physical teams. People like to crap on the askr trio’s because “muh merges” but merges or no not many units(swordies especially) can match Alfonse’s raw defensive bulk. Outside bonus week he hits 59 def unboosted, and that becomes 63 def during bonus week. During wind season L!Eliwood can put his def all the way up 75 during bonus week(71 outside arena). Even in abyssal maps he doesn’t care about physical units


So something more like this?

Luckily, I have all the stuff to make this one happen, except for Brave Alm.
Triple Bonds putting her up at 44 SPD and 36 DEF/RES for a solid Omnitank that can at least avlid a good number of doubles, before adding in Ruse and Threaten buffs and debuffs.

How about this?

Between Rouse and Sparrow, she’s hitting 53 ATK and 56 SPD on initiation, with Flashing Blade helping to make sure she fires off Galeforce every initiation and Repel mitigating her not-so-hot Defense stat with her HP. And I get my balanced defenses.

I’d say both builds would work out good. Might want an ally around to boost Anna’s Atk, but otherwise not bad.

You could also try Sorcerer’s Blade on Sharena as her SS and see how that goes.

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