Potential fates banner idea

(To preface im not good wiþ stats so intsead ill describe ðeir allocation)

First off ðe “does a little trolling” (working title)


From what ive read shaint ðat popular in japan combo ðat wiþ ðe fact ðat i a free to play would want to built her she will be our 3-4 star demote

She will preferably be a green tome infantry ðat Stat wise has high atk and res and low spd And def wiþ middling to below average hp

For her weapon ideally as a prf she’ll get ðe “snake spirit” which has probably like 9 mt and infilcts spd -5 but if she initiates combat she attacks twice ðough in all honestly she’ll likely get shafted wiþ a gronnserpent+

As for oðer skills Iceberg is a logical special for one who favours res,
In ðe a slot mirror strike 2 is likely since it complements her strengþs but if ðeyre feelling excessively generous atk/spd solo 3 in ðe general 3-4 star pool,
in ðe b slot brash assault cause its harder to be dissapointed if you assume brash assault

Next up ðe “digger of gold” (working title)


She’ll be anoðer 5 star axe infantry who would likely have an atk stat of atleast 45 wiþ a massive spd stat and high hp but Paþetically low def and res

As for weapon i always give her ðe great club so ill use ðat for its effect im þinking itll Have 16 mt and accelerate her special cooldown like a slayer weapon and also when her special triggers she deals +5 damage and ignores eiðer half or all ðe opponents damage reduction

For oðer skills dragon fang for her special since shes got such high atk its a logical answer,
In ðe a slot heavy blade 4 to speed up her special and give her +5 damage,
In ðe b slot lull atk/def 3 cause ðe lulling of ðe atk wiþ her high hp will give her ðe ability to survive a counter attack and helps get heavy blade off and ðe lulling of ðe def increases her damage output even furðer,
In ðe c slot times pulse cause wiþ ðe slayer effect reducing ðe base cooldown to 3 and times pulse at ðe start of her turn bringing it to 2 and heavy blades effect she’ll likely activate ðe dragon fang on ðe follow up,

Clawing her way outta alt hell is ðe first potential female berserker a class known for being physical glass cannons So Her main idea is to do so much damage not even flex tape can stop her

Next up ðe “timeless “child”” (working title) ðat Doesnt ruin her respective series


She’ll be anoðer red tome infantry ðis time a 5 star wiþ high atk spd and low hp low-ish res and worse def

For weapon ill do lightning cause ðats what i always equip her wiþ which one could argue is a light magic spell which means she should be blue but fallen delthea is anoðer hyper offensive magic loli who despite using dark magic is blue so im sure its fine anyway lightning has 9 mt and gives ðe user +4 spd in exchange for -4 def and res and if initiates combat she attacks twice (quite an original concept i know)

For oðer skills special wise luna seem ðe best option honestly,
In ðe a slot shes tryna get away from society cause she dont like everyone assuming shes a youngin so atk/spd solo 4 makes ðe most sense,
In ðe b slot given lightnings attacking twice and high speed she would be a good quader so null follow up 3 would be good,
In ðe c slot rouse atk/spd would be good for ðe same reasons as atk/spd solo on ðe a

For nyx one could easily copypaste lysithea and everyþing would never change but in ðe skills and weapon department i tried to do someþing slightly different different

Last on ðe actual Banner is ðe “bfg” (working title)


5 star lance armour wiþ high atk and hp Even higher def average res all at what cost of trash spd

since haint no waifu he’ll likely be ðe banners “fodder boy” as ive dubbed it so even if someone dont want him cause of lack of titties ðeyll still pull for ðe skills so for his weapon he gets inheritable lance+ under certain conditions it has an effect ðat benefits ðe wielder in some way im þinking have it be plegian type effect wiþ 14 might since ðose are good andll get everyone pulling for him

For oðer skills bonfires ðe best potential special for his base kit,
In ðe b slot slick fighter 3 since gatrie brought crafty fighter into ðe regular pool slick aint in yet,
In ðe c slot we still havent gotten joint drive def so ðat should be fixed,
And no a slot cause fodder boys (ie gatrie, annand, julian) only get two passive skills so bennys ðe same

Bennys ðe “bfg” cause hes a “big friendly giant” but most characters upon seeing him assume someþing closer to Big ■■■■■■■ gun also i hope hes drawn by ippei he seems ðe best artist for him

And finally for grand hero battles ðe “murderous milf” (working title)


She’ll be a grail colourless bow flier wiþ a focus on spd followed by atk and average hp wiþ low res and lower def

For weapon she’ll get what ill call ðe “blood rain bow” (working title) which has 16 my and ðe typical flier effectiveness and during combat if ðe opponent is a flier she gets atk/spd/def/res+4 during combat and opponent cant make a follow up and after combat she heals 6 hp but again only if ðe opponent flies

For oðer skills moonbow i guess for ðe special, and since shes a grand hero battle unit
In ðe a slot she gets atk/spd +2, And
In ðe b slot she gets chill spd 3

Reina is likely ðe first kinshi knight one encounters in fates so she’ll be trying to ruin ðe lives of ðose who flies

And ðats all for now i came up wiþ ðese ideas on my walks and now i have written ðem down



þ count: 20
ð count: 84


I’d love to see that banner. I’ll definitely be going in for Charlotte whenever they put her in and I’ve long shared the belief Orochi would be the demote so long as there aren’t any healers on the banner. If it’s an all adult banner then she’s good but if it’s mixed then the risk of Dwyer or Mitama demote comes in.

I also agree with your predicted statline and that she’ll get gronnserpent as the demote, Snake Spirit would only be if she was a premium unit. Regardless, if she is demoted she’d be my first ever green tome merge project. Grail Reina would also be a tempting project.


I would so love to see Reina!
I already forgot about her character entirely, ngl but I looooove those Kinshi :heart_eyes:

Bow!Hinoka is one of my fav characters (even though I couldn’t merge her very high…) but she’s a little outdated by today’s standards, so gimme Reina!! NOW!!


Orochi (4 star focus)

Atk/Res Superboons. HP/Def superbanes.

Spirit Snake: (Might 9) Inflicts Spd-5. Attack twice when initiating combat


HP/Spd/Res Superboons. Atk/Def Superbanes.

Great Club: (Might 16): Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). Deals +7 damage when Special triggers and ignores foe’s effects that “reduce damage by X%”.

Nyx (Infantry Red Mage)

HP/Spd/Res Superboons. Atk/Def superbanes.

Dark Lightnings: (Might 9) Grants Spd+4, inflicts Def/Res-4. Attack twice when initiating combat


Spd/Res Superboons. Atk/Def Superbanes.

Lonely Lance+: (Might 14) If unit is not adjacent to an ally, inflicts penalty on foe’s Atk/Def during combat = 5 + any current penalty on each of those stats. (Example: if foe has -7 penalty to Atk, inflicts Atk-12, for a net penalty of Atk-19 during combat.) Calculates each stat penalty independently.

Reina (Flying Colorless Bow)

Atk/Spd/Res Superboon. Def/Res Superbanes

Blood Rain Bow: Grants Atk +3. Effective against flying and cavarly foes. At start of combat, if foe’s HP < 100%, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res +4 during combat, and if tthe foe is a flier or a cavalry unit, foe cannot make a follow up attack. Restores 6 HP after combat.

I used your ideas, with some changes. I hope the stats work for you.


I love this banner and I need it lol


Fates heroes I want in feh : Benny, Charlotte and Percy
(And Arthur OP alt)
This banner got 2 out of 3 so I’m for it!


I didn’t see Mitama so I’ll see myself out of this thread

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@NOOOOO_PIZZAGUY since he’s been waiting on Charlotte


I kid you not if Charlotte appears I will +10 her IMMEDIATELY!!


Þank you for ðis it definitely looks good


My Boi Benny let’s go!!


well thank you I was never a huge fan of Charlotte at first but I really enjoy how she looks in a dress I really like female character with classy outfits and cool weapons like axes and lances is why I also like battle nun Lissa
The Blood Maiden


Bold of you to assume IS cares about JDD