Potential Future Evolution Methods (Including Stones)

tldr; I predict these Pokémon will need stones to evolve in Go:
Gen 5: Cottonee, Eelektrik, Minccino, Munna, Petilil
Gen 6: Sylveon, Doublade, Floette, Helioptile, Spritzee, Swirlix
Gen 7: Steenee, Poipole (Maybe Charjabug, Crabrawler or they could be lure evos)
I really hope they don’t do this for everyone’s sanity: Type: Null, Cosmoem
What are your thoughts?

So as a player who has played every single main series game (obviously not including SwSh) I will list all the future Pokémon which may or may not have some special evolution requirement when they are brought to Pokémon Go. Any ideas as to how they will be implemented? (I also put what my ideas are)

Friendship in main series: Swadloon, Woobat, Type: Null
They’ll all probably be candies, following the pattern the other friendship evos had. Type Null might be some sort of event though, being a legendary that can evolve (yes to those who doubt its legendary status, Pokémon. com literally stated that it was legendary during the year of legendaries).

Certain moves in main series: Sylveon, Steenee, Poipole
I could see these Pokémon requiring regional stones. It even makes sense for Eevee since Sylveon is the last Eeveelution (unless game freak bamboozles us with the long awaited Dragon evo).

Location specific in the main series: Charjabug, Crabrawler
Now these are interesting. These Pokémon only evolve in the Poni Canyon and Mt. Lanakila respectively, so I could see Charjabug evolving using the Magnetic lure and Crabrawler using the Glacial lure. Although they may also be Alola stone evos.

Time based evolutions in the main series: Amaura, Tyrunt, Yungoos, Fomantis, Rockruff
I think these will just evolve normally, with possibly Rockruff being the exception. Rockruff could evolve randomly into its three different formes, or be like Eevee and be time specific.

Stone Evos in the main series: Cottonee, Eelektrik, Minccino, Munna, Petilil, Doublade, Floette, Helioptile
Thankfully none in Gen 7 and only 3 in gen 6. These I can almost guarantee will require regional stones.

Trade in the main series: Gurdurr, Karrablast, Shelmet, Spritzee, Swirlix, Phantump, Pumpkaboo
These will probably all be candy. Except Shelmet/Karrablast have an interesting relationship, only evolving when traded with each other. Some interesting ideas could be using the other’s candy to evolve, or only being able to evolve a traded one. Spritzee and Swirlix require held items, which probably means stones (I hope to god not; I do not want to spend stones to get a Flamingo pole dancer and cupcake doggo)

Based on game in the main series: Cosmoem
This might be random, although that might piss off a lot of players (more than they already are). The only other way I could see this going is a specific item, unless they introduce some special event.

UPDATE: I forgot about Inkay and Pancham. I also think these will just be candies.

So the Pokémon I see requiring stones looking ahead are:
Gen 5: Cottonee, Eelektrik, Minccino, Munna, Petilil
Gen 6: Sylveon, Doublade, Floette, Helioptile, Spritzee, Swirlix
Gen 7: Steenee, Poipole (Maybe Charjabug, Crabrawler)

For Inkay you will need 50 candies and then turn your phone upside down.

You heard here first folks


I would definately like to see more use out of the elemental lures. With just the 4 evolutions between 3 lures feels a little underserved for the mechanic. Creating stones seems to be the go-to for tricky evolutions and I’m ok with that even tho it feels kind of lazy. I wonder if the guy in charge of all the gen 2 stones wishes he just made the johto stone and called it a day.

As long as they are not absurdly large requirement of candy to evolve, like Magikarp, Wailord, Melmetal etc. Then I won’t get so worked up. Just don’t make new evolution be like: 800 candies (rare candies cannot be used), be buddies for 10 days consecutively and walk for 10,000km, cost 100,000 star dust.

Only then, you get a chance for the evolution to succeed. Or else, the evolution fails and the resources are consumed.

I also think Niantic might introduce new item similar to Metal Coat, Up-grade, etc for legendary evolutions

That could definitely be possible; having an item to evolve Type: Null, Cosmoem, and Poipole makes sense - and Cosmoem can then just evolve into Solgaleo during the day and Lunala at night.

I think that was either poor planning ahead on Niantic’s part or just a way to perpetuate the gacha

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